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If I Have a 280 Silicone (32C) and Want to Become a Small/med B, Should I Reduce to 150cc?

If I have a 280 silicone (32C) and want to become a small/med B, should I reduce to 150cc? Would I need a breast lift if I get a reduction? I got the 280cc a year ago, if I go back to the doctor will he likely give me a better fee due to my unsatisfaction? Also, one breast is lower than the other, how would the assymetry be fixed?

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Changing to smaller implants

Loose rule of thumb, 200 cc is about a cup size in volume. However, your bra size will depend on which manufacturer and style of bra you wear. In other words, a "d" in Victoria Secret may be a "c" in Playtex. Thus, changing to 150-175 cc may likely get you into a "b" cup. You may need a lift if you go smaller depending on your breast tissue laxity. Also, your surgeon can ether lower the pocket on the higher side or try to raise the pocket on the lower side which is more difficult to do. You should discuss your concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon.
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Reduction in implant = cup size you desire


This reduction in implant size may well get you the cup size you desire.  Depending on your age and skin quality you may not need a lift.  The lower breast may be lifted with internal stitches and/or a sling of cellular dermis.  These moderate revisions usually go well.

Bismarck Plastic Surgeon
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Examination needed to determine proper implant size


Without an examination, it would be very hard to determine what implant size would give you a small B. Discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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Exchange for smaller implants


Smaller implants will achieve your goal to be  a smaller cup size. As for the specific volume, it is hard to say without an exam  Predicting the exact cup size is very difficult because all bra manufacturers are different.    A lift may be necessary depending upon your tissue quality.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Best Breast implant Size for Revisionary Surgery?


Thank you for the question.

As you probably know, without direct examination or viewing pictures it is not possible to give you precise advice about breast implant size and/or need for breast lifting. I would suggest that you follow up with your plastic surgeon, communicate your goals clearly ( I prefer the use of goal pictures).

Your plastic surgeon will after examining you and discussing your goals, be in the best position to let you know whether breast lifting will likely be necessary or not.

In regards to the breast asymmetry,  the best way to improve your situation will again depend on your physical examination.  Sometimes this can be done with the use of different size implants,  use of internal sutures (capsulorraphy),  and/or  differential breast lifting.

Best wishes.

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Breast implant size decrease


A general rule is 150-200 cc adds/subtracts a cup size. The smallest implant is about 125 cc, and it is quite small.   Plastic surgeons will sometimes work with a patient who changes their mind about what they want postoperatively, but are not obligated to do so. Thankfully the situation does not arise often. As for the asymmetry, what can be done depends on what the cause of the asymmetry is. If it is an implant position problem then it is usually something that can be corrected. Breast shape/droop asymmetries can be addressed, but, again, it depends on the problem. Best to consult with your board ccertified plastic surgeon. 

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I would go down to 200


I would not go all the way down to 150, even though that would make you a B cup.  It is so small as to wonder if you really should have put in implants at all.  Reducing to around 200 cc's will take you down about a half cup size, and you might be more happy with the end result, but the final choice is your decision and based on personal goals.

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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