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Can 20% TCA Shrink Skin Around the Eyes After 2 or 3 Layers, Equal to That of a Laser?

can 20% TCA shrink skin under eyes with one or more layers, like laser skin shrinking, as i cant afford erbium laser treatment and a chemical pell seems much more affordable, and is skin shrinking from a laser the same as skin tightening from a TCA peel.

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TCA Peels do not shrink the skin very much.


TCA peels do a pretty good job of removing sun damage, freckles and some fine wrinkles, but do not tighten the skin very much.  TCA peels are the perfect treatment for a young patient with sun damage and very few wrinkles. Laser resurfacing around the eyes is very effective in shrinking the skin and removing significant wrinkles.  A Baker Peel is a stronger peel that will remove moderate to severe wrinkles, but make leave the skin hypopigmented and porcelan in appearance.  It is not a good idea to do just the eyelids with this strong peel.   In skilled hands, laser resufacing provides for much more control with fewer risks


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