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What Plastic Surgery Do You Recommend to Get Rid of my Hanging Tummy

Im About 20 Stones.  i have a large hanging tummy what surgery will help get rid of this

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Tummy improvement


I had to look this up but Google says that a "stone" equals 14 pounds, so at 20 stones, I estimate you weigh 280 pounds.  At that weight, there is no surgery you can do for your tummy other than a panniculectomy which cuts off the roll hanging down.  Even this though is not the ideal treatment for you and is frought with wound healing problems at your weight.

You should dedicate yourself to lose about 100 pounds or more and see a qualified plastic surgeon about then having a proper tummy tuck.

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Hanging abdomen


Without seeing you, I can only guess, but in many cases a tummy tuck or panniculectomy is the choice to get rid of a hanging pannus.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Simplest way to eliminate "hanging tummy"


The simplest and most expendient way to get rid of hanging tummy skin or the "abdominal apron" is to have a panniculectomy performed .

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An abdominoplasty otherwise known as a tummy tuck is probably what you need.


If your abdominal skin hangs over your pubic region the only solution will be in the form of a abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. This operation is designed to surgically remove this redundant skin as well as tighten weak abdominal musculature if that is also a component of your problem. You will need an in person consultation with a surgeon to determine if you are a legitimate candidate for such surgery.

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Getting rid of hanging skin


ANY type of body contouring is best done when you are near your ideal body weight. The risks of surgery are much greater when obesity is in the picture.  Your best bet is to do whatever works for you to lose weight.  It's worth seriously considering weight loss surgery (Lap Band, Roux-en-Y, etc).  Once you've lost some of the excess weight, then you'll be ready for more definitive management of extra skin.

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Hanging belly best managed after weight loss


Hi there-

There will undoubtedly be several excellent options available to you for improving your appearance- but I would not recommend any surgery to you until you had reached a more healthy weight.

The risk of complications and dissatisfaction with the outcome if surgery were undertaken at your current weight would be high.

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Tummy Folds and Dropping Stones


Weight loss is undoubredly an important consideration for your health and safety wi surgery.

If yøu do have hanging skin causing skin irritation or hygeine problems, your surgeon may be able to help with removing the hanging apron of skin, but a full abdominoplasty is best postponed until you are much closer to an appropriate weight.

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Tummy tuck for the hanging tummy


You are a bit over what we in the US would consider 'ideal', though we do set a very poor example. You should consider casting off a stone or two for both appearance and for health sake. The fold in your lower abdomen will likely become worse, though you will become a better candidate for a tummy tuck which can completely rid you of the lower hang and then some.

Best of luck,


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Panniculectomy only if it problems from fat


I would not recommend any surgery unless you are having problems from the hanging skin like irritations or yeast infections.  There is no surgery to reduce the belly but the hanging skin can be removed by this procedure.  My advice would of course be weight loss and then a tummy tuck.

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