2-3 Drops of Blood from Incision Site 7th Day Post Op?

hi. i am 7 days post op. .BA silicons. .overs.. my dressings were removed on 5th day. since then i am applying neosprin on my wound. today i noticed some drops of blood and a yellowish drop. my ps has told me to leave incision site uncovered. i am a little worried if it can be prore to infection. what to do?

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Some blood from incision

It is not uncommon to have some dressing soilage after breast surgery even up to a week afterwards. If concerned, it is always best to be seen by your surgeon.

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Bleeding From Incision 1 Week Post Op

Small amount of blood from an incision even 7 days out from surgery can be acceptable. Having said that, it is a diagnosis that should be made by an in-person examination to insure that there is no other issues causing the bleeding. I hope this helps.

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Drainage from Incision after Breast Augmentation

    At 7 days it is not unreasonable to have a little bleeding from the incision edge, but an exam would be mandatory to rule out hematoma or fluid collection or infection.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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2-3 Drops of Blood from Incision Site 7th Day Post Op?

This question really would be better answered by your surgeon who has actually seen the incision a few days ago. Chances are nothing here is a serious issue, but a call in to your surgeon is appropriate. After asking a few questions, the surgeon can decide whether or not you need to be seen again earlier than your next scheduled visit. 

Thanks, all the best. 

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