19 Y/o, 5ft3, 54kg & 34B, Autologous Breast Augmentation (Mother Had Breast Cancer, Not Gene-related), What's my Suitability?

I don't want implants. I know little research has been done. Looking for increase to C/D cup. Medium amount of fat on arms, thighs, flanks, knees, waist. How suitable is each fat type? Which factors prevent resorption & produce long-lasting results? Success rate? Anaesthetic used? Can it affect nerves/milk ducts/ability to breastfeed in future/increase chances of cancer? Can pregnancy/the pill/weightgain affect results or will I remain (proportionally) the same? Can the fat be stored for future?

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Suitability for Breast Augmentation

Hello. When performing an Autologous Breast Augmentation fat from any part of the body can be used, provided that there is enough fat in that area. Unfortunately, you will only be able to increase from a B to a full B or small C using fat grafting. To achieve the results that you are hoping for you will need to consider implants.

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Suitability for fat transfer for breast augmentation

Without seeing a photo, I can only guess, and by guess is at your height and weight it is very unlikely that you have enough excess fat to provide for a one and a half cup size increase. 

In the best hands about three quarters of what is injected stays. Preparing the breast with Brava (google it and see) seems to increase the take, but wearing the device is quite cumbersome.  

Most use general anesthesia because of the multiple harvest sites, but some prefer sedation. Long term risks are really unknown at this time. 

Best wishes. 

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