I Have Had These Since I Was 19. Do I Have Festoons and Can a Filler Fix This Problem? (photo)

I am not sure if I am suffering from festoons or loss of mass in my cheeks? I have had this problem since I was in my late teens - am now 24 and it has not gotten worse or better. Will a filler camouflage this issue or will I need to remove mass in my eyelids? It is worse when there is overhead lighting which creates a shadow.

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Most likely HA fillers can provide help for this that will last approximately 12 months per treatment.

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The fillers have truly revolutionized how we approach facial surgery.  This is another perfect example of an issue that can be helped with hyaluronic acid fillers.  I personally think that Restylane is generally a very good product for this type of issue.  Look for a surgeon injector who comes from one of the core specialities: oculoplastic surgery, facial plastics, general plastics, or derm surgery.  

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