18 Pound Weight Gain After Implants and Lift?

I'm 1 week post op from breast augmentation (309 cc's in each side) + lift. Morning of surgery I weighed 118 and 1 wk later I weigh140. I realize there is surgical swelling and fluids given during surgery will cause some weight gain as I've had other plastic surgery yrs ago but 18 pounds? I never exercised much before surgery so I'm not any less active and eat the same. If anything I have been eating a bit less because of nausea. Is this normal? And how long before it's gone?

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18 pound weight gain after one week post-op?


While it is common to gain a few pounds initially after surgery because of fluid retention and lack of activity, 18 pounds sounds too high.  I would see your surgeon to be properly evaluated.

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Rapid Weight Gain 1 Week Post-op Needs To Be Addressed


I too am somewhat suspicious of an 22 pound weight gain in one week following your surgery.  However, if this is accurate, you certainly need to make both your surgeon and family doctor aware.  It could possibly represent a serious problem.

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Sudden weight gain 1 week after surgery can be due to fluids

1 week after surgery, you are retaining water.  You may also be less active (perhaps you were very active in the gym before the surgery) and your diet may have changed.  So the normal fluid retention after surgery, with slowed metabolism and more food retained in your digestive system my be responsible for sudden weight gain after surgery.  Also, perhaps you should try a different scale because this amount of weight gain is certainly rather excessive.
The good news is that once you are fully healed and are able to return to your regular routines, you should get back to your pre-surgery weight.
Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

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