17 Year Old with Noticable Asymmetry...are Implants an Option?

Hi, I am 17 (18 in November) and I have fairly bad asymmetry. My right breast is a medium/full B cup, but my left breast is about an A cup. Would implants be an option to correct this? Would I be a candidate at 17 years old? Thank you so much for any information!

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

The FDA says silicone implants should be saved for women above 22 unless they are for reconstructive purposes, if you think you fall into this category see a local board certified surgeon

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Breast implants for significant breast asymmetry


Yes, breast implants are one option for correction of developmental breast asymmetry.

Usually some combination(s) of breast lift, breast reduction, placement of breast implant, and/or correction of nipple asymmetry are needed to correct asymmetry. In a situation of a tightly constricted breast, tissue expanders are sometimes used.

It is very likely that your breasts will have to be redone as you get older or after you have children later in life. That might not be something you are thinking about now, but life happens.  Your body will change throughout your lifetime.

I also will tell you what I say to all my young patients considering breast implants.  Breast implants are a medical device. They are similar to a pacemaker, knee replacement, hip replacement, etc., in that they are not healthy living tissue. They do not regenerate and do not last forever. You will, if you live long enough, live to see the day that you have to have one or both of your implants changed.  And I hope you live to be more than 100 years of age, which would statistically mean, yes, at some point, your implants would have to be redone.

I hope this helps. Best of luck.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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Implant is necessary but is not all


in significant asymmetric case, you need different size implants, however sometimes you might need tissue rearrangement on the other side to make volume and shape of both sides symmetric as much as possible.

M. Ryan Khosravi, MD
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Correction Of Breast Asymmetry With Implant


You certainly could have your breast asymmetry corrected at age seventeen by having an implant placed in your smaller breast.  It would have to be a saline implant at your age since the FDA has mandated that silicone implants cannot be used at your age.  The other caveat is that you should wait until your breast size has been stable in both breasts for 6-12 months.

John Whitt, MD
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Can breast augmentation correct breast asymmetry/


Breast asymmetry is fairly common. The degree and tpe of asymmetry will determine what has to be done to correct it. Without photos it is not possible to say what has to be done. At times only implants have to be used. At other times lifting and/or reduction have to be considered. You should go seek a consultation with a Board Certifiied plastic surgeon and, then, you will be informed as to what may be the procedure of choice for you. Good luck!

George Lefkovits, MD
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Implants to correct asymmetry


Yes, implants are certainly an option to correct asymmetry and 17 is not too young in my opinion particularly if you have been stable at your current size(s) for some time. There is no one procedure that is right to correct asymmetry so you need to see a board certified plastic surgeon who can discuss your options with you. At 17 you will need your parent or guardian to sign any consents with you so you may want to involve them from the start. Good luck to you.

Margaret Skiles, MD
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Breast implants can help correct assymmetry


Breast assymetry is a common indication for breast implants.  Different size implants can be placed in each breast or in only one breast.  Also, with saline implants any increments of size can be put into the implants within limits.  Therefore, saline implants are ideal for correcting size discrepancies between the two breasts.  Depending on whether the larger breast has drooping, or ptosis, a lift may be needed to achieve the best symmetry. 

James Tang, MD
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Breast asymmetry


Certainly, it would be easier to counsel you face to face in order to perform an examination and correlate the exam findings to your concerns. If you are still 17, you will need your parent or legal guardian with you for a consultation.

That being said, I will speak in general terms about asymmetry. Many patients present with breast asymmetry and it can be corrected, or at least improved upon, with a combination of techniques depending on the needs of the patient. If you are looking for breast augmentation, asymmetry can be dealt with by selecting different size implants, or reducing the tissue of the larger breast, or performing a lift on one or both breasts, depending on the exam findings. If the breasts are very large to begin with, breast asymmetry can be corrected by a breast reduction, taking asymmetric amounts of tissue away in order to make up the difference. Based on the information you posted, it does not sound like you have excess tissue, and there is a good chance you do not have significant ptosis (overhang) of the breasts, so augmentation with different size implants or adding a small lift if one side hangs a little more than the other, may be the answer.

Obviously, I suggest you discuss your concerns with your parents, or you can wait until you are 18 (although it might still be a good idea to discuss your concers with your trusted family members, who can provide you support and another pair of eyes/ears in evaluating your decision to consider cosmetic surgery). I recommend consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Good luck!


Tim A. Sayed, MD, FACS
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Implants for asymmetry at age 17


You can start to consider breast implants to correct breast asymmetry at age 17 to 18. We start to see individuals requesting breast implants for augmentation age 18 to 19, often with a mother or other supporting family member, for those who never did develop, or those like yourself who are struggling with asymmetry issues and problems with clothing or bathing suits.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Breast assymetry


Yes, implants can definitely be an option for breast assymetry.  Different volumes can be placed in either side to gain symmetry.  Additionally you would need an evaluation to make certain no additional procedure would be nedded such as a breast lift.  At 17, it would be reasinable to perform to surgery if you are a good candidate and have the backing of your parents.

David Nicholas Csikai, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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