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I'm 17 and I Want a Breast Reduction.

I am a small person, I am about 5'1 and I feel that my breasts are extremely out of proportion to my body, and it makes me uncomfortable and upset with myself. Not only that, but they cause my to arch my back, and I feel I get lower back and shoulder pains from it. In my area (Ontario, Canada) I can get the surgery free if I have pains. What is the likely hood I can get insurance to pay for it, and how should I go about confronting my parents about this? Also, should I wait until I am older?

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Teenage Breast Reduction Common


Teenage breast reduction is very common, especially for the reasons you have cited.  Upper neck and back pain, headaches, painfull groves in the shoulder area from bra straps, rashes and infections under the breasts, breast pain, difficulty finding clothes to wear, difficulty with physical exercise and last but not least teasing from peers.  Make an appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your options and insurance requirements.

Good Luck!

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Breast Reduction covered by insurance?


I don't know how insurance in Canada works but Each insurance company in the US is different with what they require to "authorize" the breast reduction surgery through insurance.  I write a letter and send photos of the patient when trying to get authorization (I am sure most plastic surgeons do this as well).  Also getting supporting letters from other doctors who can document that you have had neck, back and shoulder pain and/or rashes due to the large breasts. Supporting documentation is usually very helpful

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Teenage breast reduction


Discuss your concerns with a parent and your primary care physician. Ask for a referral to a reputable board certified plastic surgeon. Upon examination and consultation, your surgeon will be able to recommend the best treatment option as well as discuss the risks, benefits, pros and cons of having the procedure as a teenager. Best of luck!

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Breast reduction

I can not tell you what the requirements are under the Canadian health system. Age 17 is reasonable for a breast reduction in someone with large breast and back pain.
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Breast reduction in teenagers


I have never practiced in Canada so can't advise you on insurance issues, but medically teenagers can certainly benefit from breast reduction just as anyone with large, symptomatic breasts can. If your breasts are still growing, you should probably wait until they are at a stable size before having surgery. However, even if they are still growing you can talk with your parents about your concerns and have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Good luck to you.

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Breast reduction for young patients


My colleagues have given you sound advice. However, let me inform you that you have a better alternative for reducing the size of your breasts. There is a revolutionary technique  called the 'Ultimate Lift' that unlike standard techniques:

  • Lifts your breasts high and permanently attaches them to your chest wall
  • Allows longer lasting results
  • Achieves upper pole fullness (they are high and firm like implants)

So, pls do your homework and decide on the best choice for you. Best wishes, Dr H

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Breast Reduction Surgery is OK for Younger Patients with Symptoms


You should first discuss your physical symptoms and desires with your parents. I’m sure they will understand. If you have researched this yourself, provide some of that information to them as well to help them understand. Next, along with your parents, visit a certified plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns and whether you are an appropriate surgical candidate. If you are no longer growing and your breast size is relatively stable then it is reasonable to consider breast reduction surgery. It is not uncommon for women in their late teens to undergo breast reduction surgery…so you are not alone. Your plastic surgeon will need to request approval for surgery from your insurance company. Symptomatic patients who undergo breast reduction are very satisfied afterward. Not only can this surgery relieve your aches and pains and improve your posture, but it can also improve your self-image. Best wishes.

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I'm 17 and I Want a Breast Reduction.


First start with a family meeting to discuss your breast size. Next meet with a boarded PS with your parents to become educated. The PS will than try to obtain insurance coverage for the operation. Follow this plan and good luck.

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"Scarless"breast reduction.


This is not for everyone but can be an excellent option for the younger patient before child bearing years. It leaves the basic gland and ductalsystem intact.

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Breast Reduction in Teenagers


I agree, if you are symptomatic and a good surgical candidate (healthy) then you should consider having breast reduction surgery.  It is not unusual for people your age to undergo the procedure.  In fact, it can be life-changing.


Good Luck.

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