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I Am 16 Days Post Op from Active FX and Remain to Be Extremely Red With, Red Striations Throughout my Face?

I am 16 days post op from Active FX. My face remains to be extremely red, with red striations throughout my face. Some of the scratch/lines appear to be somewhat pitted. At this point I am not only very depressed but, scared at the thought of how much longer this can go on. At this point, make-up does not cover. I can provide pictures via email. Does flamazine cream aid in the healing of scars from active FX. I am 19 days post op.

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Post Active FX Redness


Thank you for your question. You are far enough post op that you should be healed more by now.  Perhaps you are having a reaction to the cream/ointment you are applying.  We have seen this.  I would try just cool moist white gauze with water if you have  scabs present.  If they are all healed, then I would recommend you try another product as you are likely reacting negatively to the product.  The red can take 6 weeks to resolve and up to 6 months.  The red does fade, and areas more red may be where they delivered extra energy for a specific problem.  Talk with your provider and ask for clarification of the color irregularity and possibly another product. I hope this helps!

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