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10 Days Post-op Tummy Tuck. Did I Pull an Internal Suture?

I have been feeling great since my tummy tuck and within the last two days have been running light errands with my family. Well, today one of my twins slammed the other ones finger in the door, he came at me crying and I went into total mommy mode and PICKED HIM UP. I immidiately realized the stupidity of my action and put him down but am terrified I pulled an internal suture. I didn't hear any popping but have two spots that maybe seem to hurt a little more than before.

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Popping a stitch after a tummy tuck


My guess is that you did not do significant damage to the internal stitches.  Those sutures are very strong and you would have felt or heard a pop if one or more of them tore.   Also, you would probably notice a little bit of a bulge if several of them had popped.   Make sure you see your doctor so he or she can take a look.  Sounds like you need some help with those twins! 

I hope this helps.

Lisa Lynn Sowder, M.D.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Popping stitches from muscle repair after tummy tuck


At this point, it would be difficult to make this determination and very unlikely that anyone would repair it even if you did. It is rare for your entire repair to rely entirely on one stitch. However, I would urge you to exercise mor caution as there is added strain on the remaining stitches.

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Not likely to have pulled an Internal Tummy Tuck Stitch

From your description it seems unlikely that the brief lifting of the child resulted in disruption of the muscle repair. Most Plastic surgeons fully understand the importance of the muscle repair and do not repair it in a flimsy fashion. That being said, I would shy from lifting anything over 15 pounds for a few weeks. Dr. Aldea
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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