1 Month After BA and my Breast Are Uneven, the Right Breast Looks As if is Sagging, Left Breast Bigger and Round? (photo)

At this point I'm desperate my left breast looks ok while my right breast looks totally different and feels empty at the bottom and on its left side. I have the same size on both breasts 380cc Texturized silicone gel under muscle. My PS is almost nonexistent told me to wear the band at my 2 weeks when I saw this problem, wore the band for 1 month and still no change, I'm not even and they look really different from one another, what would need to be done if i got a revision, what went wrong?

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Asymmetric Breasts at One Month

Your photos seem to show that your right implant is somewhat higher than the left. It is not uncommon for submuscular implants to be high postop for several months. Wearing a superior pole strap is a good idea so long as it does not effect your left implant which looks perfect already. In summary, it is tooearly at one month to declare victory or defeat in breast augmentation.

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1 Month After BA and my Breast Are Uneven, the Right Breast Looks As if is Sagging, Left Breast Bigger and Round? (photo)

Based on the poorly posted one photo I really see minor asymmetry. Best to obtain IN PERSON second opinions. 


It is too early to evaluate your results. The right side drops later in most patients because they are right-handed. You also had unevenness to the size and diameter of your breasts before surgery. Nipple position was also different. These are not corrected with implants but are very minor issues anyway

Implants Need Time To SETTLE

The good news for you is that this is most likely normal. You are only 1 month out from your surgery. The implants can take up to 8 weeks to settle. The left implant has settled nicely, and there is no reason to suspect that your right implant won't do the same. Be patient and follow your surgeon's instructions.

Implant massage and wearing the compression band provided can speed up the process.

If the implants continue to look like this after 3 months, you will need to consider the possibility of early capsular contraction.




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In our practice we also tell our patients to wear a breast band as well. The implants need to settle a little lower. It can take longer than one month for that to happen. Continue to wear your compression breast band.


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Implant issues

Every breast is a bit different and therefore not only do they drop at different rates but the folds are usually not the same.

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