Dry Eyes + PRK

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PRK for Thin Cornea and Dry Eye?

I have been diagnosed as good for PRK, as I have thin cornea and dry eye. I know there are risks with the dry eye. What's your opinion on going ahead?... READ MORE

After PRK Surgery, is It Safe to Continue with Eye Drops for Allergies (Patanol) and Dry Eyes (Restasis)?

If not, are there other allergy or dry eye medications that are more commonly recommended for use after PRK? READ MORE

Why Do I See Better with my Left Eye?

I had PRK 6 months ago, and nowadays my right eye is perfect!, but my left one is not, I feel more dryness on it and glare as well, I have to blink... READ MORE

I've Had my Right Eye Scraped Twice Since PRK Due to Hazing Because of Dry Eye. Is This Normal? Will my Outcome Be Affected?

I'm 2 1/2 weeks post PRK and have experienced a very difficult and painful healing process. Days 1-3 were fine, days 4-now have been horrible. I have... READ MORE

Prk Vs Intralase LASIK?

My vision is about -4.50 for both eyes and with slight astigmatism. Consultant said LASIK is good for me but I read that with LASIK, my flap will... READ MORE

Will I have to use eyedrops forever due to dry eyes after PRK surgery?

I had a PRK surgery 15 months ago. I still use eye drops (Hyabuak) because I feel my eyes dry.I would like to know if I will use eye drops for all of... READ MORE

Lasik or prk?

I am 33 with a 15 year history of wearing contacts with -9.00 both eyes. Corneal thickness is 630um. I have been also seeing floaters for the past... READ MORE

Can vision reverse after 4 month of PRK?

Hello doctors. I had a PRK surgery 4 monthes ago. And my vision almost 24/24. Before two weeks , i got a problem in my eyes and im taking alcon... READ MORE

4 months post op PRK, I am having dry eyes still. Is this dryness will go away? Or this is permanent?

I am 19 years old.I had Prk surgery 4 month ago.before surgery my eyes were -10D each eye.I never had dry eyes before prk surgery.Now 4 month passed... READ MORE

I never had issues with my eyes hurting. After PRK on 01/28/15, still experiencing experience burning, blurriness and dryness.

From trying to rinse my face with ONLY water, even the slight fingers going over my eyes hurts. I cannot wear any make-up without crying from it... READ MORE

Which artificial tears are best after PRK surgery?

Can you please name them? i ah having dry eyes.i had surgery prk 6 month ago. READ MORE

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