1 Week Post-op + PRK

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Had PRK 1 Week Ago, Right Eye Has Been in Pain and Right Now I'm 20/40, is That Normal?

I did PRK about a week ago, the day of prk i felt good cuz i was able to see more but i didn't have any pain after 2 hours later only on my right... READ MORE

A Week After PRK Surgery, I Had a Corneal Abrasion when Removing the Bandage Contacts. How Will I Recover and in What Time?

A week after PRK surgery, I had a corneal abrasion when removing the bandage contacts in my non-dominant eye. It was not in the line of sight, has... READ MORE

1 Week Post PRK, Had -2 in Both Eyes, Now Left is 30/70, Right is 20/40, is This Normal?

I m from Lebanon, 30 ys, urology resident,healthy, and I underwent PRK for myopia -2 in both eyes, 6 days ago exactly, 2 days the Dr. removed my... READ MORE

Pure astigmatism correction with PRK. Is it normal to have ghosting vision in 1 eye when the other is clear 1 month post prk ?

I had pure astigmatism in both eyes (left -4.00), (right -4.75).. and my cornea was fine and it's thickness was like 580mm for both eyes.i chose PRK .... READ MORE

Had PRK a week ago, eyes ok until I Woke up this morning feeling like there is something in my left eye, like its back to day 3.

Had PRK a week ago and got the bandage contacts taken out 2 days ago. Doctor said eyes are healing fine but still has some small hazing which will... READ MORE

Help! Was my PRK surgery unsuccessful?

Today marks 8 days since my surgery. I had a post-op follow-up and my vision still tested at 20/150, same as my previous post-op follow-up after... READ MORE

Why didn't my cornea heal after PRK enhancement surgery? What can I do to make sure that it does?

Went in to have the contact lens removed after prk enhancement. )done 8 months after original prk surgery). Realized 48 hours ago (5 days post op), I... READ MORE

8 days ago, I had PRK healing fine with no complications.

Now, I need to have a c-spine MRI performed (unrelated to PRK). Any issue's so soon after the PRK? READ MORE

Foreign body sensation/ stinging left eye 1 week after PRK, making vision blurry. Is this normal?

I had PRK performed on both eyes 7 days ago. At first my right eye had some discomfort and foreign body sensation but that cleared up around day 5. My... READ MORE

Is a sizable reduction in vision and substantial double vision expected after PRK enhancement? Part of healing process?

Had LASIK in both eyes with a laser flap in 2010. Vision was -7 to -7.75 in each eye. After I was 20/20 in left, no issues, right was only seeing... READ MORE

I had PRK a week ago and my vision is blurry again in my left eye. Is it normal or should I contact my surgeon?

I had prk a week ago today and my vision was clearing and doing really well and last night after i washed my face and got settled for bed i noticed my... READ MORE

Rubbed my eye after ASLA (PRK) and now my vision is blurry. Have I done permanent damage?

I had ASLA (PKR) surgery 8 days ago and woke up vigorously rubbing my left eye. My left eye is now more blurry than it has been. Have I done permanent... READ MORE

I had a corneal abrasion on my left eye 6 days after a PRK surgery. Should I be worried ?

I had a PRK surgery on the 10th of June; both my eyes were healing fine until yesterday when something got into my left eye and i had a corneal... READ MORE

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