Upper Teeth + Porcelain Veneers

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Can I Do Veneers On Upper Teeth Without Doing Lower Teeth To Save Money?

I have fairly yellowed teeth, hate my smile. I am a business professional and need to get some luster back. I am considering veneers, but am trying to... READ MORE

Can I Have my Veneers Removed? I Dislike the Look and Feel.

I just had 6 upper porcelain veneers put on and I hate them. They are very thick and bulky but also much whiter than i had expected. My dentist did... READ MORE

Causes of Grey Lines on Veneers 1 Year Post Op?

Hi, I had 8 veneers placed on my upper teeth about 12 month ago. Recently I started noticing grey lines near the gum line which made veneers look... READ MORE

Can Porcelain Veneers Mask an Occlusal Cant?

I just had orthodontic treatment which included braces on my upper and lower teeth. The braces are removed and I now wear holly retainers. One of my... READ MORE

I Have a Short Upper Jaw, So my Upper Teeth Do Not Show when I Speak?

Is there anyway of adding a veneer over my 2 1st incisors to make it longer (almost like rabbits's teeth) so that my upper teeth shows when I speak. I... READ MORE

I have a bulky sensation on veneers. Can I replace/ take them off? (photos)

Hi, I just got some veneers on six of my upper teeth, i feel like they're way too big for my mouth and it just feels weird and bulky and heavy, i cant... READ MORE

Looking to improve appearance. Do I need traditional braces along with veneers? (Photo)

I am interested in porcelain veneers. How many I will need to create a nice smile (6? 8?) and do I need to start with braces due to wide spaces on... READ MORE

I'm 21 yrs old. As you can see I have very little overlapping in my upper teeth. Is Porcelain veneers will be effective? (photo)

I just want perfect teeth and confident smile. I have talked to my doctor about it and they have suggested porcelain veneers. Is Porcelain veneers... READ MORE

Can veneers widen my smile?

Can veneers widen my upper set of teeth? my upper teeth don't fill my whole mouth like my bottom teeth do, so would veneers help this problem? I... READ MORE

Is it common to end up with space in between front teeth after getting veneers?

I received new veneers and there was a space between the two front, upper teeth. So a month later the two veneers had to be removed and redone, but... READ MORE

Can emax veneers be shaved down if thick enough?

I just had 8 emax veneers placed on my upper teeth. I am very happy with the colour and translucency but the central incisors have come out too thick... READ MORE

My upper teeth do not show when I smile. Is there any way to show it naturally without veneers? (Photo)

Hi there as what photo shows my upper teeth not visible when smiling .. my upper teeth length is normal and strong also the lip .. i suffered with... READ MORE

What could cause chronic inflammation around right front central incisor after placement of a veneer? (Photo)

Hi. I have a history of periodontitis. I also had eight veneers put on my upper teeth in early 2013. Ever since then, I have had intermittent... READ MORE

Multiple porcelain veneers cracked within a week. Does it happen that dentist needs twice to get porcelain veneers right?

Porcelain veneers on 8 upper front teeth. Within five days after permanent went in, at least five of them have had visible cracks. Back at dentist, I... READ MORE

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