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Are my Veneers Big for my Mouth?

3 years ago, I got veneers for my whole upper teeth. They look big and ugly but aside from the appearance, do they pose any health risks? I don't feel... READ MORE

How Much Would Twelve Veneers Cost?

I had veneers placed over my two front teeth some years ago to correct crookedness and chips. However, I now wish to have them re-done along with... READ MORE

My Teeths Are Very Small What Are the Options to Have a Good Smile? (photo)

Size of my upper teeth s are very small. It doesn't look good when i smile. Please tell me is it possible to have large teeth s for a good smile. I... READ MORE

Do my Vaneers Look Good? Fake? (photo)

I'm a 20/yearold having veneers done on some of my top teeth. After having a lot of patchup work done (incl frontfacing across top central/lateral... READ MORE

Are Porcelain Veneers the Gold Standard in Achieving the Whitest Teeth Humanly Possible?

2 yrs ago i had 6 porcelain veneers in my top teeth. i wanted to know if porcelain veneers are the gold standard in acheiving the whitest teeth... READ MORE

Fluid Coming out of my Tooth After Veneers?

2 weeks ago I got veneers on my 2 top front teeth. Ever since the gum above the right tooth has been very sore & swollen. 2 days out a large... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Veneers? (photo)

I got my six upper anterior veneers done. I dont like my veneers as in the sense when i smile, only my upper six anteriors are seen. And I feel both... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneers 2 Years Ago On Top 6 Teeth. Can I Put Another Veneer Over Existing?

2 yrs ago i had my top 6 teeth veneered. i got the whitest one and them made longer to show more teeth when i smile. is it now possible to put another... READ MORE

Are Veneers my Only Option Yes or No?

Im 22 years old. Back when i was 12, i woke up one day and i had 2 small light brown dots on my front 2 big teeth. At age 14, i had regular dentist... READ MORE

How long till post op pain goes away with veneers?

Veneers - how long till post op pain goes away? I had 4 top front veneers put on 3 weeks ago and if I try to eat ANYTHING with those it hurts and I... READ MORE

My dentist suggested dental veneers for my two front teeth. Do I have to get all 4 upper front teeth veneered? (photo)

I am opting for porcelain veneer for the 2 upper front teeth. Should I also veneer the 4 upper front teeth (incisors) too. READ MORE

Minor tooth movement with veneers?

I had braces for yrs, 2 times plus invisalign. I ended up with 6 veneers on my top teeth. After 6 yrs wearing a retainer religiously, I tossed it when... READ MORE

Are porcelain veneers still a possibility with an open bite? (Photo)

I am considering replacing my top 8 teeth with porcelain veneers (to widen smile/fix stained, cracked teeth) and I am wondering if my bite could... READ MORE

I am 50 yrs old and I bit into a chicken bone. I chipped my top front tooth. What treatments are available for me?

They had to bond it three times and this is still holding but i have a feeling it will fall off again. what are my options, i have good tooth and i am... READ MORE

My prosthodontist said the only way to get my bite back is to have all my upper 8 teeth redone. Is there an alternative? (Photo)

I had 6 porcelain crowns and 2 veneers done on my top 8 teeth. Now i have a bite issue. I went to see a prosthodontist yesterday, he my bite is off... READ MORE

Should I Get Veneers on my top 12 teeth? (photos)

I had my front tooth filed down by an orthodontist over 15 years ago and my two front teeth don't match. I have had bonding on it multiple times and... READ MORE

I have gaps and holes and I would like veneers for my top teeth. How much will it cost? (Photo)

My teeth are not in good condition i would like the top and bottom of the pyramid and made straight how much will it cost READ MORE

I have 8 porcelain crowns on top teeth and I have sensitivity to air. What can be done?

I had them placed a year ago and did not have this problem. I don't have sensitivity to hot and cold foods just when I am exposed to air. They are... READ MORE

Flossed my new veneers for the first time and they feel less secure. Is this a normal problem with new veneers? (Photo)

I just got my new set of veneers (top 8) a week ago and flossed for the first time today. It was going smooth until I got to the gap in between the... READ MORE

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