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Can Veneers Widen a Smile?

I was wondering if Veneers can Widen a Smile, in other words broaden my smile. When I smile you only notice my teeth from Canine to Canine (6 teeth)... READ MORE

Do Veneers on Molars Chip?

I would like to add veneers to my molars to achieve a wider smile. I have had orthodontic procedures and because of my age, my teeth are in good... READ MORE

Veneers for a Youthful Smile?

As I age and my upper lip and cheeks droop, my smile almost disappears. Can veneers create a 'toothier' smile? READ MORE

Unhappy With Porcelain Veneers 7 Months Post Op- Want Them Longer To Show When I Smile.

In march this yr i had got my top 6 teeth veneered. i do like them however my goal was to make them longer so when i smile you could seee the row of... READ MORE

Do my veneers look right to you? (photos)

I justs had 7,8,9,10 seated and am wondering if they appear too big for my smile? I've been staring at them for too long and need a second opinion.... READ MORE

Veneers/lumineers for Longer/bigger Teeth? Would They Benefit my Situation?

My teeth are not that bad-pretty straight, kind of white. The problem is the actual structure of my smile, it is very small and only shows about half... READ MORE

Are veneers a good idea for back teeth?

I want to bulk out my smile by adding width to teeth 4, 5, 12 and 13. One dentist says that veneers are not a good idea for back teeth, but another... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for procelain veneer dental treatment? (Photos)

I am 18 years old and have always been dissatisfied with my smile and was wondering if I am a candidate for procelain veneers? Obviously my bottom set... READ MORE

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