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Got Temporary Veneers to Replace Bonding, and they Fell Out; is this Normal/Common?

I got temporary veneers yesterday to replace bonding that I had previously which lasted 8 years. However, since yesterday, three veneers have fallen... READ MORE

Swelling After Veneers Normal?

Got my temporary yesterday. After the numbness went away my upper lip started swollen and overnight it ha increased. Is this normal or should I go to... READ MORE

Normal for Veneers to Not Feel Secure?

Just had permanents put on...they do not feel secure....i feel like i can push them up is just because he did some gum work? READ MORE

Veneers Appear to Protrude Outwards and Look Bulky?

I have two issues 1) I'm not very happy as they protrude out and look bulky when i smile. It is much more evident when i smile fully. Is it normal?... READ MORE

Flossed my new veneers for the first time and they feel less secure. Is this a normal problem with new veneers? (Photo)

I just got my new set of veneers (top 8) a week ago and flossed for the first time today. It was going smooth until I got to the gap in between the... READ MORE

I had 8 veneers put on. I'm not 100% satisfied but my dentist thinks they look great. I am looking for feedback. (Photo)

I had 8 veneers placed on my uppers. I like the left side but am unhappy with the right. They had to do a lot of alterations once they were in place... READ MORE

I got 4 veneers on tooth #'s 10, 9, 8 & 7 2 weeks ago, but tooth # 8 is giving me extreme pain. Is this normal?

I got Xray on tooth #8 there was no indication of infection inflamed or damaged nerves but when the dentist tapped my tooth it gave me pain he came to... READ MORE

Foreign feeling with veneers. Is it normal for me to feel this way?

It's been three months that I've had my veneers now. My brain still feels like there is a foreign object in my mouth. My gums, lips and tongue still... READ MORE

Had a gum cutting operation 6 weeks ago and veneers for 11 teeth 5 days ago. Is this pain/sensitivity normal?

I feel sensitivity pain and a pressure on my teeth as if i have braces and i think an even bite, is that normal? And for how long it will last? READ MORE

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