Lips + Porcelain Veneers

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Veneers Pushing Upper Lip out Too Far, What Can Correct This?

I had veneers put in over my already straight teeth no grinding of naturale teeth. Mine did not show anymore. Now mouth protrudes out like a pussy cat... READ MORE

Can Veneers Help to Push Lips out?

I have a slightly protruding chin and teeth that are inclined inwards, thus making my lips look small (slightly like older people who do not have... READ MORE

Upper Lip Protrusion. I Have Prepless Veneers on the Top 6 Teeth Could This Be Causing This?

Also when I smile my lip catches the veneers and give an irregular contour to my lip. READ MORE

Will Porcelain Veneers correct the alignment of my teeth and lips? (photos)

I got braces when I was younger and had them for 3 years, and my teeth are straight, the problem is they are not aligned with the center of my face... READ MORE

Can veneers give me more horizontal support to the lips/philtrum area?

I have a big space beetwen my teeth and my lips, so my lips have a sunken/frown look due to the lack of bone support. Would thicker veeners fill out... READ MORE

Upper lip pushed out, lips shape and color changed after getting veneers. How can I fix this?

I chipped the two front teeth a few years ago and a few months ago i got a veneer for the right one as it was chipped more whereas the other one was... READ MORE

One of my front teeth is extreamly sore. I have veneers on all the top teeth but only one is hurting.

It is very sore but when I take a drink of water the pain goes away but the tooth is extreamly sore to my lips when I swallow READ MORE

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