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Options for Chipped Front Tooth Restoration

The bottom half of my front tooth was chipped. I want to know what my options are, and how long on average will this restoration last? Since I am only... READ MORE

Dental Bonding Vs Veneers for More Natural Looking Teeth?

Can anyone tell me if they have cosmetic bonding, not veneers? How is it? I recently had my teeth prepped for Veneers and now I do not want them. I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lengthen Front Two Teeth with a Partial Veneer? (Photos)

After fixing a small chip a dentist removed 2mm from both of my top front teeth resulting in a shorter, rounded look. My original teeth are naturally... READ MORE

Help, Do my Veneers Look Fake? ( photo)

Im a 22 year old girl and I recently got veneers on my upper teeth done. I feel like they look really bulky and fake. The doctor told me its because... READ MORE

My Front Teeth are Different Lengths - What Are my Options?

I'm 21 years old. on my front right tooth had root canal 5 years ago.. Right now that tooth is shorter than left tooth and darker than the rest of... READ MORE

Are Porcelain Veneers or Bonding a Better Option for Peg Teeth?

I have two peg teeth on either side of my two top middle teeth, which are also twisted slightly. I am looking into getting porcelain veneers or... READ MORE

Braces Removed - How Long Until I Can Get Veneers?

I started with a cross bite on my left side. I underwent SARPE surgery to widen my palate and then followed that with 10 months in braces. My arch and... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneer Dentin Bonding - Is This as Strong as Enamel?

My central front tooth has been chipped on the bottom half over 2 years ago. I have been using bonding, but my dentist is going to put on a veneer.... READ MORE

Why Were My Porcelain Veneers White For Only The First Month?

I recently had 6 porcelain veneers on my top teeth and i asked for the whitest ones humanly possible as i really wanted the "made up" look.... READ MORE

What Are CAD / CAM Sirona Veneers?

I am looking to get my top six teeth redone, whether it be veneers or crowns. I have an existing implant for one of my lateral incisors, and on the... READ MORE

Can I Get Veneers if my Upper and Lower Incisors Come in Contact While Chewing?

I am a 25 year old girl and have healthy, but small teeth that barely show when I smile. So I want to get veneers to make my teeth look bigger. But... READ MORE

Cost of Porcelain Veeners in NYC, CT or NJ?

Please I am looking to get done 10 teeth and would like to know How much cost for each porcelain Venners in NYC, CT or NJ? Thank you READ MORE

I have a loose front tooth. What should I do?

I am a 27 year old female who does not smoke. I haven't had any recent tramua. My front tooth is loose and I have been told I need to have root... READ MORE

Is it possible to have "no prep" for porcelain veneers on me? (photos)

I want more teeth when I have a slightly open mouth & when I smile.My 2 front teeth have slightly chipped for the 2nd time. My main concern is... READ MORE

My gums growing over my porcelain veneers? How can I reverse this? (photos)

I had porcelain veneers done in 2007-2008. My gums were rather large, so I received gum surgery to reduce them, then after the procedure was done,... READ MORE

Dentist is Trying to Force Veneers on Me Rather Than Filing Two Uneven Teeth?

I am a 24 year old female who had braces in early high school. After years of not wearing my retainer consistently, I now have a gap between both... READ MORE

What would be needed to straighten and shorten my front teeth and what would be a rough cost? (photo)

I'm 19yrs old and not confident in showing any teeth when I smile. I'm wanting to align my front teeth and have them shortened, what procedure would... READ MORE

Do my veneers look right to you? (photos)

I justs had 7,8,9,10 seated and am wondering if they appear too big for my smile? I've been staring at them for too long and need a second opinion.... READ MORE

Can I have my veneers removed? (photo)

I had my veneers done today and I truly dislike them . My dentist told me to wait for 2 weeks before I have the re-adjusted . I feel they are too big... READ MORE

How Can I Find a Plastic Surgeon Who Has Experience with Lymphedema?

I have had lymph massage treatments and been wearing compression garments for well over a year after losing 285lbs from RNY surgery. Are there any... READ MORE

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