Age 25-34 + Porcelain Veneers

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I have a loose front tooth. What should I do?

I am a 27 year old female who does not smoke. I haven't had any recent tramua. My front tooth is loose and I have been told I need to have root... READ MORE

What Happens to Veneers/Lumineers After 10-15 Years?

I am 25 now. Should not happen that i am left with no tooth at 40! READ MORE

Can I Get Veneers if I Have an Edge to Edge Bite? (photo)

I hate how my teeth look, i cant smile because my teeth dont show =( Here is a little bit of history on my teeth - im 26 i had braces when I was 14,... READ MORE

Can I Get Veneers if my Upper and Lower Incisors Come in Contact While Chewing?

I am a 25 year old girl and have healthy, but small teeth that barely show when I smile. So I want to get veneers to make my teeth look bigger. But... READ MORE

Will Getting Veneers Help my Damaged Teeth?

The dentist said that it will be about $12000 out of pocket to get all my teeth fixed I was just wondering would it be better to get veneers instead?... READ MORE

Correcting a Few Misaligned Teeth Vs. Braces?

Hello there, My question is, what factors dictate the feasibility of correcting a few misaligned teeth? I have pointy canine teeth that I'm... READ MORE

Can I Have Venner on Upper and Lower Teeth with a Very Deep Bite? (photo)

So confuse and depress. It's been a year that I'm looking for a right solution to fix my teeth but finally narrow it down to two option. I have very... READ MORE

Option for Front Chipped Teeth? Age 26. Bonding Vs Porcelain Veneers? (photo)

Broke at the age of 10 and repaired 4 times only with filling but don't last although I don't bite with my front teeth as much as possible. Have never... READ MORE

Should I Skip Invisalign and Just Go for Veneers?

My smile has made me self conscious all my life. I am a 27 year old student who is afraid to talk to people directly due to me feeling as if they're... READ MORE

I am 33, I always didn't like my front teeth. Am I a good candidate for Veneers? (photos)

I am 33, I always didnt like my up front teeths. I was getting an idea from my dentist but he recommended me to just leave them like this. He thinks... READ MORE

Diastema solution - what is my best option? (Photo)

I'm living abroad where veneers and bonding are more affordable. I really, really want to correct a significant Diastema. It is genetic and has stayed... READ MORE

One Old Veneer On Front Tooth. Should I Whiten This Along With Others?

From what i have read so far it seem Doctors are very neutral but have more of a tendency to recommend Porcelain Veneers. Long story short, my... READ MORE

How to get a fuller smile? I've had braces. I'd like my smile to be similar to Britney Spears-I love her smile and teeth (Photo)

I'm 29-I had braces when I was 21 for 1 year and then my teeth shifted after a few years and then when I turned 25 I purchases invisalign. I did not... READ MORE

I'm 34 and wondering if I should get Braces or Porcelain Veneers? (photos)

I'm 34yrs old, firstly if I should get braces or veneers, i'm worried that veneers will be no good in 10+yrs. I was on some meds that wrecked my teeth... READ MORE

I'm so unhappy with my teeth. What can I do to change this? (Photo)

My teeth are crooked and horrible it offects my smile holds me back from laughing propperly.also offects my confidence and its causes me realy bad... READ MORE

I can feel sensation in one veneer when I bite. What can I do about it?

Hi I'm 25 yrs. old. I took 6 veeners on front teeth of upper jaw on 12nd july, 2014 for diastema closure. Now I feel the sensation in one of my veener... READ MORE

Two Veneers vs a Full Set?

Hi There I have some slight discoloration/banding on my upper front two teeth. Its not noticeable in some lights but pretty noticeable in others. I'm... READ MORE

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