Plastic Surgery Videos

There Are Pros to Picking a Female Plastic Surgeon, Says This Doctor

Curious if you should pick a male or female plastic surgeon? Here's Dr. Lauren Greenberg's suggestion. VIEW NOW

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What You Need to Do Before Your Surgery

Take 98 seconds and learn what you should do before your surgery, as explained by Dr. Lauren Greenberg. VIEW NOW


What's the "New Era of Plastic Surgery"?

Dr. Lauren Greenberg sees this procedure as the new era of plastic surgery. Learn what it is. VIEW NOW

10 Tips to Fight Those Pre-Surgery Jitters

Take it from us: these ten tips will help you relax before heading to the OR. VIEW NOW


Drains 101: Everything You Need to Know in Under 2 Minutes

What are drains and when will you need them? Here's a quick explanation, courtesy of Dr. Douglas Taranow. VIEW NOW


Anesthesia: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Surgery

Anesthesia can be one of the scariest parts of surgery but how much should you worry? Here's what you need to know. VIEW NOW


Sedation Is Safer Than General Anesthesia For a Facelift, Says This Doctor

Dr. Martin Sasada, a consultant anesthetist, discusses the safety of sedation and general anesthesia for a facelift. VIEW NOW

How to Choose the Right Doctor: 4 Tips That Are Good For Your Health

Picking a doctor is important but where do you even begin? Here are four tips to help you get started. VIEW NOW

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How to Gauge Your Early Post-Op Results After Plastic Surgery

Recently had work done and unhappy with the final results? Worried you're not healing properly? Hear what Dr. Heather J. Furnas advises. VIEW NOW


Off-Label Use: 5 Things You Need to Know

Ever had your doctor say something is off-label? Learn what that means for your health and your wallet. Here are the five things you need to know about off-label use. VIEW NOW

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I'm Getting Married Soon — Is It OK to Get Facial Plastic Surgery?

Have a major life event on the horizon and want to get facial plastic surgery? Dr. Chase Lay explains when is best. VIEW NOW

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Should I Get My Tummy Tuck While Breastfeeding?

Considering plastic surgery but have young children in the home? Dr. Charles Perry offers his thoughts on when's the best time for a procedure. VIEW NOW


Welcome to RealSelf! Learn What Makes Our Community So Special

Welcome to the RealSelf community! Alicia Nakamoto, VP of Community and Marketing, explains how RealSelf works and how you can play a part. VIEW NOW


How to Pick a Plastic Surgeon — This Doctor Offers Her 3 Top Tips

Dr. Karen Singer stops by Rise Local TV to offer her tips on how to pick the right plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

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What Are the Benefits of In-Office Procedures? The Doctor Explains

Researching an in-office procedure? Dr. Douglas M. Stevens explains why this option may work for you. VIEW NOW