Plastic Surgery Videos

Combination Surgeries: Why They Might Not Be Your Best Option

One recovery period for multiple surgeries? Sounds like a good deal, right? Dr. Sean A. Simon explains when to combination surgeries work best. VIEW NOW

How Can Surgeons Minimize Scarring During Surgery?

Dr. Sean A Simon draws on his experience in the OR to explain how surgeons can reduce scarring. VIEW NOW

How SERI Surgical Scaffold Can Make a Difference in Body Contouring

A national spokesman for SERI Surgical Scaffold, Dr. Andrew Kornstein discusses how the product can make a difference in body contouring surgeries. VIEW NOW

Plastic Surgery: More Art or Science?

Plastic surgery is a mixture of art and science, says Dr. Luis Villar. Hear how he balances the two. VIEW NOW

Discussing Surgery With Your Children: Patient and Doctor Weigh In

Should you tell your children about your plastic surgery? Dr. Dana Goldberg and one of her patients share their insights. VIEW NOW

See Inside the OR: This Doctor Gives a Guided Tour (SFW)

Dr. Tim goes through the various machines and people you can expect in the OR. Go on a guided tour. VIEW NOW

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How to Prepare For Your Procedure: Advice From People Who've Been There

Dr. Cory Torgerson and a handful of his patients share tips on how to prepare for your plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

Plastic Surgery and the Job Market: Patients Share Their Experiences

Plastic surgery and the job market? They might be more closely related than you think. Hear these personal stories. VIEW NOW

Plastic Surgery in the Age of Social Media: Hear These Personal Stories

Patients of Dr. Cory Torgerson's share their stories of getting work done in the age of social media. Can you relate? VIEW NOW

Men and Cosmetic Surgery: It's More Popular Than You Might Expect

More and more men are seeking out cosmetic surgery options, says Dr. Cory Torgerson. Learn about this growing trend. VIEW NOW

Plastic Surgery: Is It Safe to Do More Than One Procedure at Once?

Is it safe to have more than one procedure done at the same time? It's a common question. Here's Dr. Frank Lista's explanation. VIEW NOW

When Do You Feel Most Confident? Real Women, Real Answers

Confidence: sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t. These RealSelfers share the times when they feel most confident. Hear their Truth Booth confessions, then share yours in the comments below. VIEW NOW

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When Can I Begin Exercising After Plastic Surgery?

You've had plastic surgery and want to get back in the gym, but when? Hear what Dr. Gaurav Bharti has to say. VIEW NOW

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What Does Plastic Surgery Mean to You? Woman on the Street Asks America

RealSelf has two little words for America: plastic surgery. See what these people on the street had to say about breast implants, fillers, and more. Do you agree? VIEW NOW

I Want a Good Plastic Surgeon — What Credentials Should I Look For?

Strong credentials for plastic surgeons aren't as clear-cut as just a diploma. Dr. Michael Law explains what to look for when it comes to picking a qualified surgeon. VIEW NOW