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How to Achieve Wasp Waist?

Is there any surgery to increase hip size like implants, etc? Will butt implants full the top middle and bottom of the butt? I want a wasp waist (as... READ MORE

Surgical Procedure for Smaller Indentation in the Waist?

I want to have a butt lift and an overall slimmer, sexier look to the body. I live in Jamaica so a big butt is key. Is there a surgical procedure to... READ MORE

What Procedures Will Help Me Get a More Hourglass Shape?

I've always had sort of a stocky, straight shape (not overweight, just not very shapely). My waist doesn't taper in very much, and I just don't look... READ MORE

I want to emulate Valeria Lukyanova (Russian Barbie). Can someone advise how she got such a tiny waist? (Photo)

I have had breast augmentation and recently butt augmentation but really need (well not NEED but really want!) the tiny waist of Valeria. Can someone... READ MORE

Is there any procedure for a smaller waist when you are already very thin?

Hello, I am a 21 year old girl with 2 children. I do not plan on having anymore kids. I love to workout and I am in great shape, however before my... READ MORE

What Did Valeria Lukyanova Do to Make Her Waist So Narrow? (photo)

Since the photos of Valeria Lukyanova begin circulating across the internet many people (myself included) are wondering what she could have possibly... READ MORE

I read about aesthetic chiropractic for waist reduction. Is it safe? Has any certified doctor heard of anything like that?

The procedure claims to give you a smaller waist by pushing your floating ribs closer, it would certainly will be effective but I'm concerned about... READ MORE

How did this girl acquire such a ridiculously small waist?

Maybe you've seen Valeria Lukyanova before. I've searched but I can't find any information on how she changed her waist so much. I'm not interested in... READ MORE

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