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Have a Toe Shortening Surgery and Still Run After?

I want to have the Toe shortening surgery done, but my friends tell me not too. I feel that my toes are too long for my foot. My pinkie toe is the... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Toe Shortening Surgery?

I have a second toe that is longer than my big toe. It causes alot of pain when I wear heels and any kind of closed toe shoes. Sometimes, my toes get... READ MORE

Whats Wrong with my Toe?

After playing in a basketball game with a lot of pain, I took off my sock and my big toe was swollen and blue under toenail. READ MORE

What kind of surgery would I need to go through to get my toes straightened? (photo)

Im 18 years old. I was born with my toe next to my big toe pointed the opposite way on both feet (as seen in my picture). Lately theyve been bothering... READ MORE

Toe Shortening - What Should I Expect from Toe Shortening Surgery?

I have 1 toe on each foot, the one next to the big toe, that is excessively long. So long that it hurts to wear shoes. I work at a job where I'm... READ MORE

Around How Much Does a Toe Shortening Surgery Cost?

Wondering the price of toe shortening surgery... READ MORE

Toe Yoga or Toe Stretchers for Straightening Toes?

Does regular use of "toe stretchers" or "toe yoga" devices help straighten toes? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove Lumps Around Big Toe Joints? They Aren't Bunions.

I am a 24 year old woman who, from early childhood and until recently, wore shoes that were 1-2 sizes to small. This has caused a lot of trouble over... READ MORE

Is There Any Boston/MA Plastic Surgeons That Peform Toe Lengthening Procedures? (photo)

Self explanatory by pic provided but my short toes cause me to be self conscious. I haven't been able to find surgeons in the Boston area that... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Improve the Appearance of my Toes?

Can any procedure be used to make skinny toes that look sort of wrinkled pretty! Its genetics, my feet are all right. but because i have small bunions... READ MORE

How much does toe lengthening cost?

Is it possible to lengthen my pinky toe? READ MORE

Wrinkly Toes - Cosmetic Options?

Hello i have very short toe nails and when you cut them i have no toe nail left i am a 22 yr. old female and it embarrasing to where sandals. and my... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix my big toes? (photo)

Both of my big toes are turned upwards; kind of like a elf shoe. Not only do I think they are ugly and weird looking, but they also cause painful... READ MORE

I have congenital feet problems. Would it be possible to get them fixed? (Photo)

I have congenital feet problems. Would it be possible to get them fixed? I was born with congenital problems with my feet and after many doctors... READ MORE

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