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Post-op Swelling Away from Surgery Site Normal?

Hello! I just had a breast lift with silicone implants, I am in hardly any pain, just a bit of this comfort (it's been about 48 hours since my... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix a Distorted Labia? (photo)

I recently (2.15.13) had a limited medial thigh lift and my vagina looks frightening and sunkened from the outside. I have no mons and the labia is... READ MORE

Numbness After Scalp Injury

I injured my scalp a little over a month ago. It was cut to the bone from about 1 inch above one ear across the top to 2 inches above the other ear. I... READ MORE

Heat or Cold to Decrease Swelling After Plastic Surgery?

Is it better to apply heat or cold to decrease swelling after plastic surgery? READ MORE

Are There Any Supplements, Medications, Creams or Products to Decrease Swelling?

Ice, Arnica Montana and Prdnisone are not reducing the swelling. Is there anything else? READ MORE

Can Exercise Help Swelling Go Away Faster?

Can light exercise help improve the rate of recovery from surgery? It seems logical because it boosts the immune system, improves circulation and I... READ MORE

Swelling from Plastic Surgeries?

I have had six surgeries within this past year and a half. I had jaw implants put in in august 08 and also had buccal fat removal at the same time.... READ MORE

Is Bromelin Helpful for Swelling? The Bottle Says to Avoid 2 Week Prior to Surgery, but Some Review Say to Take Before Surgery.

Is Bromelin Helpful for Swelling?  The Bottle Says to Avoid 2 Week Prior to Surgery, but Some Review Say to Take Before Surgery. READ MORE

I have noticed my neck and throat seems swollen when I wake up, can plastic surgery help? (Photo)

I am 52 and have sleep apnea, my question is whether or not it's weight, age, lack of hormones, or the sleep apnea….and can it be helped? READ MORE

Do surgeon's get upset when a patient constantly asks questions after a procedure? How much is to much?

After having work done, patients have alot of questions and concerns. Sometimes it's justified and sometimes we just need a little reassurance. Does... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis and Massage After Heavy Blow to Thigh Area

I had a heavy blow to the thigh around four months ago. At the time the area was heavily swollen. This has now subsided but I have been left with a... READ MORE

Pain and Swelling Asymmetry with Bicep Implants

I've had bicep implants placed in both my arms exactly a week ago. Though my left arm is healing extremely well and gradually getting flexible, my... READ MORE

Swelling Hand, Damaged Periwound Skin Around Finger-belly Necrosis Which Ends 0.5cm Below Nail?

Three months after accident&removal of finger-belly tissue I still have a significant amount of dry eschar, now with periwound maceration, black... READ MORE

Can Prolonged Swelling Affect the Final Outcome?

Can prolonged swelling from constantly exercising, having meals high in salt, etc affect the final outcome, such as by contributing to more scar tissue? READ MORE

Recovery time after Corrugator Muscle removal for Migraine Relief?

This Op was done through Eyelid Crease incisions on 10th Dec 2013 (8 weeks ago).My upper eyelids are still red & swollen & vision blurry.The Op was... READ MORE

Does Swelling Fluctuate After Plastic Surgery?

Can a patients swelling go down in the first week initially, and then swell back up? Is that considered to be normal? READ MORE

Swelling after laparoscopic removal of paraumbilical lipoma. Will this go away with time?

Six weeks ago i had a bilateral inguinal hernia laparoscopic repair. At the same time the surgeon removed a small paraumbilical lipoma which I was... READ MORE

Do Doctors See the 'Final' Result Before Swelling Sets In?

Doctors tell patients not to judge an outcome till swelling disappears. So, how do doctors know how a surgery will look? Is the final outcome visible... READ MORE

What is Causing This Appearance on the Back of my Legs? (photo)

I'm 35, 5'3.5, 123 pounds, history of PE from birth control. I eat right and regularly perform cardio and strength training. My legs ache all the time... READ MORE

Breast pain 2 months post op for hidradenitis suppurativa in left armpit. Why would I have breast pain and swelling still?

I had a lymph node removed 2 months ago in the left armpit from hidradenitis suppurativa surgery. For the past 3 days my left breast has been feeling... READ MORE

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