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Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

There are maybe half a dozen doctors that do this surgery, and pretty much only this surgery. I have not seen positive or negative reviews, even... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Ball Bearing in a Penis?

I want to put some ball bearings in my penis, aproxmetly 9 pieces. Can you tell me how much it costs? READ MORE

How do i get a bigger penis? (Photo)

I would like to have a bigger penis at least 10 inches long. READ MORE

What's the Process for Addressing Siliconoma of the Penis?

I had a patient suffering from a siliconoma of the penis, what kind of the operations needs for him to repair his penis? can i have the summary during... READ MORE

Is this a normal female pubis mons? (photo)

Hello I'm a 28yr old female, I'm obese but I've always been a big girl ever since teen years I was 220 and now I'm 250 I've showed a few people this... READ MORE

Can female nurses be trusted not to laugh and gossip about a patient's micropenis?

Can female nurses be trusted not to laugh gossip about a patient's micropenis? I have heard so much about how female nurses gossip about the genitals... READ MORE

Are There Legitimate Options To Increase Penile Size?

I am a college student, and my penis is not how i would like, it is smaller and skinner than i would be proud of. is there a safe way to increase... READ MORE

What is the Best Penile Implant for Erectile Dysfunction Surgery?

What is the best piece penile implant for erectile dysfunction surgery? I am considering this surgery and am looking for the best surgeon as i know... READ MORE

Dear Sir, my Penis Looking Very Thin & Small. Please Tell Me Treatment.

Dear sir, my penis looking very thin & small. Please tell me treatment. READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost for Reconstruction Surgery on a Penis Piercing? in San Diego

I have a penis piercing which I would like to remove. It's one small hole on the bottom side. I was wondering how much it would cost and where can... READ MORE

Circumcision Loose Skin 9 Weeks Post Op?

I asked a plastic surgeon to remove loose skin and give me a high and tighter circumcision. 5 years ago a urologist did nothing to make me look more... READ MORE

Can the Shape of the Glans Penis Be Changed?

I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate question, but I could not find anything at all on the internet about this. Thank you for your answer in advance. READ MORE

How Do I Accelerate Adult Circumcision

I am scheduled for adult circumcision surgery next month. What can i do or eat to speed up the healing? READ MORE

My penis does not get long enough to reach my wife's vagina? Is there a cosmetic procedure that can help me? (photos)

Its been two and a half years and I have not been able to comusmmate marriage with my spouse. Kindly advise what might be the problem. I am attaching... READ MORE

Do I have a buried/hidden penis and is it considered a congenital anomaly? Plastic surgeon or urologist? (Photo)

I lost 204# since my duodenal switch surgery. My surgeon corrected a hernia and offered to do an abdominoplasty. No pubic mons work as she is not a... READ MORE

How can I enlarge my small penis?

I would like to know how can I enlarge my small penis , so if u have any idear please share with me Thnx READ MORE

These questions are about the 3 piece inflatable penile implant. When pumped up, does the penis point upward or downward?

2. When pumped up, is the penis more harder than a normal healthy erection or just about the same, or is it softer? 3. Can the saline solution used in... READ MORE

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