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Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

There are maybe half a dozen doctors that do this surgery, and pretty much only this surgery. I have not seen positive or negative reviews, even... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Ball Bearing in a Penis?

I want to put some ball bearings in my penis, aproxmetly 9 pieces. Can you tell me how much it costs? READ MORE

How do i get a bigger penis? (Photo)

I would like to have a bigger penis at least 10 inches long. READ MORE

What's the Process for Addressing Siliconoma of the Penis?

I had a patient suffering from a siliconoma of the penis, what kind of the operations needs for him to repair his penis? can i have the summary during... READ MORE

Are There Legitimate Options To Increase Penile Size?

I am a college student, and my penis is not how i would like, it is smaller and skinner than i would be proud of. is there a safe way to increase... READ MORE

What is the Best Penile Implant for Erectile Dysfunction Surgery?

What is the best piece penile implant for erectile dysfunction surgery? I am considering this surgery and am looking for the best surgeon as i know... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost for Reconstruction Surgery on a Penis Piercing? in San Diego

I have a penis piercing which I would like to remove. It's one small hole on the bottom side. I was wondering how much it would cost and where can... READ MORE

Circumcision Loose Skin 9 Weeks Post Op?

I asked a plastic surgeon to remove loose skin and give me a high and tighter circumcision. 5 years ago a urologist did nothing to make me look more... READ MORE

Dear Sir, my Penis Looking Very Thin & Small. Please Tell Me Treatment.

Dear sir, my penis looking very thin & small. Please tell me treatment. READ MORE

How Do I Accelerate Adult Circumcision

I am scheduled for adult circumcision surgery next month. What can i do or eat to speed up the healing? READ MORE

Can the Shape of the Glans Penis Be Changed?

I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate question, but I could not find anything at all on the internet about this. Thank you for your answer in advance. READ MORE

My penis does not get long enough to reach my wife's vagina? Is there a cosmetic procedure that can help me? (photos)

Its been two and a half years and I have not been able to comusmmate marriage with my spouse. Kindly advise what might be the problem. I am attaching... READ MORE

Do I have a buried/hidden penis and is it considered a congenital anomaly? Plastic surgeon or urologist? (Photo)

I lost 204# since my duodenal switch surgery. My surgeon corrected a hernia and offered to do an abdominoplasty. No pubic mons work as she is not a... READ MORE

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