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Reduce Size of Inner Calf Muscle

I walked on my toes as a child and the inner calf muscle became huge and overdeveloped by the time I was 10. No matter how much I walk and stretch... READ MORE

Can I Still Be Active After Calf Muscle Reduction?

I have really thick calves, it looks like I got cankles but I don't. I know my calves are bulky due to my muslces. I want to reduce my calf size... READ MORE

Glute Muscle Sits Up too Far

Glute muscle is not inalign with my hips. It looks like everything is pushed upward causing my lower back right above the buttocks to push outward.... READ MORE

Can I Get Back Muscles Through Implants for Men?

I need to know if I can get back muscles through implants for men, The upper back muscles which makes your back look wider??? READ MORE

What Surgery Can I Get to Remove my Bulky Muscles in my Arms?

I am really conscious with my arms because it looks so manly. It has big muscles.I am ashamed of wearing sleeveless clothes because of my arm muscles.... READ MORE

Is There Surgery to Reduce the Size of Trapezius Muscles?

I'm female, and have rather pronounced traps as a genetic inheritance from my father. Given that I have a short neck in the first place, the traps... READ MORE

Are There Any Implants to Fill Deep Holes in Both Sides of my Front Neck?

I have a muscle wasting condition of the shoulders which has caused very deep hollows in both sides of my front neck. Are there any permanent inplants... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done About my Muscular Arms?

I'm a woman, 20 years old, 5'9" and 150 pounds with an athletic physique. I have these big, muscular biceps that make me look masculine!... READ MORE

Thigh Muscle Reduction?

I was curious if there is any surgery that reduces the muscle in your thighs? I'm aware that liposuction can only remove fat, and a thigh lift removes... READ MORE

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