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Will my leg look normal after lengthening surgeries?

I was born with a shorter leg and I've had 6 surgeries tor and 2 lengthening surgeries its almost is the same length as my right leg but it does not... READ MORE

Cost of Height Increasing Surgery?

I'm 21 years old girl,I'm 146 cm,recently i heard about height increasing surgery i wanna increase my height to 170 cm,is that possible?what... READ MORE

Can Leg Lengthening Get Rid of Cankles and Thick Knees?

Im not planning on having leg lengthening or anything, i just always hear people complaining about cankles or thick knees cause of their bone stucture... READ MORE

Is There Any Boston/MA Plastic Surgeons That Peform Toe Lengthening Procedures? (photo)

Self explanatory by pic provided but my short toes cause me to be self conscious. I haven't been able to find surgeons in the Boston area that... READ MORE

How much does toe lengthening cost?

Is it possible to lengthen my pinky toe? READ MORE

Lengthen Legs Without Surgery?

Is it possible to stretch your legs by about 3 to 4 cms? Im only 16 by now so i guess there could be hope for me. are there any stretching... READ MORE

Is there a better surgery for leg lengthening?

Besides the surgery that breaks your legs,is there anything else that can make legs longer? just by a couple of inches nothing drastic. READ MORE

About cosmetic limb lengthening surgery?

Hi doc, i have been planning to do cosmetic limb lengthening and have a few questions, i want to increase my height from 163 to 167 and will i be able... READ MORE

What do external fixators do for hip dysplasia and how do they work?

I am a 17 year old female, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a young age and have had 5 surgeries to somewhat make it as "normal" as it can be but... READ MORE

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