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How Much Does It Cost to Put a Ball Bearing in a Penis?

I want to put some ball bearings in my penis, aproxmetly 9 pieces. Can you tell me how much it costs? READ MORE

Is a Second Revision of Pectus Excavatum Possible?

I'm 35 years old. I did a correction of pectus excavatum 13 years ago by Ravitch method. The final result wasn't very good. I've a lower... READ MORE

I've been weightlifting for years and I've developed a gap between my chest muscles. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I have been doing fitness and weight lifting for few years now and unfortunately I have a gap between my chest muscles ( the shape on my right pec is... READ MORE

Will a Cadaver Implant Cause Disease?

Will having a cadaver implant cause any kind of changes to my body? Will i get characteristics or other traits or diseases that the donor had when he... READ MORE

Carnio Skull Dome Implant

I was born with a birth defect, the dome of my skull is very flat and missing volume. Circumference of my head is 55.5 cm Is there a implant that I... READ MORE

How Can Make Your Neck Thicker?

Im 26,and 110 lbs,ive been thin and gangley my whole life, my neck and body also,i turned to hormone replacment clinics that tried helping me gain... READ MORE

Can I get an implant to correct the shape of my head? (Photo)

I do not like the shape of my head. The back is vary flat and looks like it's just been chopped off. Is there an implant that can correct this and... READ MORE

Is it safe to permanently change your eye color with artificial iris implants from BrightOcular like Tiny Harris did?

Reality TV star Tiny Harris was spotted all over celebrity media with new grey eyes via BrightOcular. How does it work (in layman's terms)? And what... READ MORE

Underdeveloped right arm, are implants in bicep, tricep and deltoid a good choice?

I have an injury since birth in my right arm's Brachial Plexus. Because of my injury, I don't think I can grow muscles in that arm, please correct me... READ MORE

What is the Best Penile Implant for Erectile Dysfunction Surgery?

What is the best piece penile implant for erectile dysfunction surgery? I am considering this surgery and am looking for the best surgeon as i know... READ MORE

Forearm Implants Possible?

I wonder if it is possible to have my forearms implant because my wrists are really small only 4 inch and my forearms are scarily skinny in spite of... READ MORE

Hip Enlargement w/ Implants?

Can the doctor use implants to enlarge the hip area? I mean the sides right and left on the upper area of the thighs to give the hourglass shape for... READ MORE

Pain and Swelling Asymmetry with Bicep Implants

I've had bicep implants placed in both my arms exactly a week ago. Though my left arm is healing extremely well and gradually getting flexible, my... READ MORE

Deltoid implants for shoulder augmentation? (photo)

I'm looking for shoulder to shoulder width enlargement. As i know there are no shoulder / clavicle enlargement, would the deltoid augmentation be the... READ MORE

Are There Any Implants to Fill Deep Holes in Both Sides of my Front Neck?

I have a muscle wasting condition of the shoulders which has caused very deep hollows in both sides of my front neck. Are there any permanent inplants... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Implants in One's Upper Hips? Is It Safe and Do They Stay in Place?

My daughter lost fat on her upper hips from what she thinks was an external ultrasound liposuction procedure at a salon in Australia about a year and... READ MORE

I Can't Find Clinic That Does Orbital Rim Implant for Tear Trough in Europe? Is There Any?

I Can't Find Clinic That Does Orbital Rim Implant for Tear Trough in Europe? Is There Any? READ MORE

I'm 23 year old. What procedure would you recommend to get my body right again? (photos)

23 year old who used to be hot and now is not. Wot wud it take to get my body right again? Kindly list all procedures and what it would take to get... READ MORE

I have a Nexplanon birth control implant - is it safe for me to have surgery with this in?

Are there any real risks with being on birth control and getting surgery? If so what are they? I have the Nexplanon birth control implant that lasts... READ MORE

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