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Buttock Implants and Hip Widening for Woman with Masculine Physique

I am a female in mid 20's with broad shoulders much wider than my hips and a "V" shaped torso seen mostly in males. I have a naturally... READ MORE

Can I Have my Hips Enlarged?

I would like to have my hips, breasts and derrier enlarged. Is that possible? READ MORE

How to Achieve Wasp Waist?

Is there any surgery to increase hip size like implants, etc? Will butt implants full the top middle and bottom of the butt? I want a wasp waist (as... READ MORE

Treatments for Thin Hips / Flat Butt?

My Hips Are Thin& Butt is Flat...I Dont Have Enough Fat to Graft to Both, Any Suggestions? READ MORE

How to Get Curvier Hips?

I'm a young transwoman, I'm confused as to what to do. My measurements are 43 (shoulders), My other measurements are 34-25-34 but I would like to have... READ MORE

I Am 30 Years Old and I Look Like I'm Pregnant

But I'm not. I have probly 15-20 pounds just in my stomach. I am very serious on getting the surgery done. But Before I start setting up a million... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to do Fat Injections to make my buttock curvier and my hip shapelier?

Dear doctor, first of all let me explain about myelf, my name is tania, my hight 4,11" and my weight 45 kg. I feel unconvinion with my small body... READ MORE

Hip Bone Reduction? (photo)

I have knock knees, but my hip/ ovarie bone is very wide. Is there any surgery that can make my thighs straight and my thighs closer together. READ MORE

Hip Narrowing Surgery?

I have seen on many forums that there is a procedure in which the surgeons cracks the inside of the hip and take out bone from the hip, and then... READ MORE

Are There Any Cosmetic Procedures out There to Reduce Broad Shoulders?

I have extremely broad shoulders and very narrow hips. Is there any procedure I could go through to reduce the broadness of my shoulders and help... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Options to Improve Scar and Hip Area Aesthetics?

I was in a bad car accident where I fractured my femur and my pelvic bone. I had to get a metal plate with screws implanted, which was later removed.... READ MORE

Hip Enlargement w/ Implants?

Can the doctor use implants to enlarge the hip area? I mean the sides right and left on the upper area of the thighs to give the hourglass shape for... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the horizontal projection of the Iliac Crest via bone shaving/reduction? (Photo)

I am an amateur bodybuilder with hips that are wide relative to the width of my ribcage. I find that this takes away from my v-taper (an important... READ MORE

Surgery to Narrow Hips and and Make It Not Stick Out?

Im a 5'5 inches tall 22 year old girl I have long legs and it makes me feel awkward because no one seems to have them at my height, plus because of it... READ MORE

Is there a correlation between hip dysplasia and narrow hips? Is there surgery to widen hips? (photo)

I am an 18 year old female, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 14 and had a PAO done by dr. Trousdale at MAYO clinic in Rochester when I was 16.... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Speed the Healing Process of a Hematoma Due to a Car Accident?

My grandmother was hit by a car about 2 weeks ago, she developped a hematoma on her right hip, its still severly swollen and bruised, is there... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Implants in One's Upper Hips? Is It Safe and Do They Stay in Place?

My daughter lost fat on her upper hips from what she thinks was an external ultrasound liposuction procedure at a salon in Australia about a year and... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Width of my Shoulders? As well as a Surgery to Widen my Hips?

I'm a transwoman who couldn't undergo HRT during puberty because my parents didn't approve and I had no legal say over them at those ages. I'm close... READ MORE

Bone surgury techniques sought for hip widening in 42 year old female patient.

Hi everybody, I was wondering if anybody knew of surgery to widen my hip bones (e.g pelvis) and rotating my hips from my currently male hips into... READ MORE

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