Finger + Plastic Surgery

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How to make my fingers' bones go to it's original size. Do I need surgery? or just massage it? (photos)

I pop my fingers' joints a long long time ago, I think I started doing it when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I only stop when I noticed that my fingers'... READ MORE

Little tiny sixth finger in an adult. Is there any safe way to remove them?

Hi, I was born with this little tiny quarter of an inch in size of flesh next two my little fingers. Although they are very little but sometimes they... READ MORE

Dermal Filler for Thin Male Fingers

Say if you have thin fingers and you are male and you feel embarrassed by them. Is there any dermal filler or injectable that can make your fingers... READ MORE

My fingers are crooked, is it from cracking my knuckles? Is there a way that i can fix it? (photo)

I have been cracking my fingers alot and i just notice that they are crooked especially the middle one is this normal ? Is their a way that i can fix... READ MORE

Swelling Hand, Damaged Periwound Skin Around Finger-belly Necrosis Which Ends 0.5cm Below Nail?

Three months after accident&removal of finger-belly tissue I still have a significant amount of dry eschar, now with periwound maceration, black... READ MORE

Cosmetic surgery on middle finger. Can I have it corrected so it's a normal shape and size again?

My middle finger cut one inch from top and was apart.I did plastic surgery.But the size and shape varies as before .I just wanted to know after doing... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce the Length of Ones Fingers?

All i need is an answer. 3 of my fingers are dispaportionate to the length of the base of my hand and it makes me utterly insecure. Is it possible? I... READ MORE

How can I help a traumatized nail bed to heal? (photos)

I smashed my finger two months ago (broken, required a few stitches) and am wondering if/when I can expect the nail bed to return to normal. Is there... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for my short, crooked finger? (photos)

I was bron with a short,crooked finger on my left hand.its about an inch shorter than my right index finger and is crooked.i wanted to know if surgery... READ MORE

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