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When is the Correct Time to Have Axillary Breast Tissue Removed?

Hello, I have a significant amount of axillary breast tissue under both underarms. It's very unsightly and painful. Because this isn't that... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Recommendations at Mass General Hospital?

Can anyone please recommend me a plastic surgeon in Mass General Hosppital? I'm interested in Vasor Liposuction for a large area! I want lipo for the... READ MORE

Who Does Laparoscopic or Endoscopic Repair on Diastasis Recti in San Diego?

Who does Laparoscopic or Endoscopic repair on diastasis recti in San Diego area? I am called several surgeons and no luck so far. READ MORE

What Kind of Surgeon to Remove Fat from the Armpit?

I am having the fat under the arm pit removed by a Breast surgeon...should I have gone thru a Plastic surgeon? I am now having serious thoughts - are... READ MORE

Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon in Long Island?

Can you reccomend a highly skilled plastic/cosmetic surgeon in my area? READ MORE

How Much Should I Weigh Doctor Reviews by Patients?

I see bad reviews about my Doctor- should I cancel my scheduled surgery? He seems to have great credentials. I thought he was OK when I had my... READ MORE

How Much Weight Should I Give to Doctors Recommendations of Other Doctors?

I am getting a nose revision. The first procedure I did no research. This procedure I am doing all research I can possibly do. Including asking my... READ MORE

Was Does It Mean when Board Certification Has Expired?

I have been to 3 consults for tummy tuck to try and find right surgeon and staff for me. I researched the 3 drs to check for board certs. I found that... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Recommendations Anywhere in the World?

After several deployments of military husband and pulling my family through all the stress I'm ready for myself. I have made several improvements to... READ MORE

Most Important Consideration when Comparing Several Surgeons?

I have met with 2 different surgeons, and I was fairly comfortable with both of them. How do I decide which one will give me the best chance for a... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know a Doctor Who Can Remove Silicone on Cheeks?

I'm looking to get silicone removed from my cheeks. Does anyone know of any doctors that could perform a procedure of such nature? READ MORE

Why Do Some Surgeons Consult Personally Via Email Phone & Others Don't?

I know of a surgeon that has a great reputation, many many before & after pics in person, & still takes the time to deal w/ potential patients... READ MORE

Should I Discuss with a Family Doctor Before Getting Plastic Surgery?

I was thinking of doing Plastic surgery, but before doing should I discuss with my family doctor? Would the doctor recommend me to a surgeon? READ MORE

Dimpleplasty in my Cheeks AND my Lower Back?

OMG i really want to know if there is a certified Doctor near Fort Lauderdale, FL or Miami, FL that does Dimpleplasty for both the cheeks and the... READ MORE

Is There Any Boston/MA Plastic Surgeons That Peform Toe Lengthening Procedures? (photo)

Self explanatory by pic provided but my short toes cause me to be self conscious. I haven't been able to find surgeons in the Boston area that... READ MORE

Florida Plastic Surgeon Recommendation?

Hello i'm 24yrs of age and i'm 137 pounds with a huge puge i from a pregnacy 3 years ago in which i gained over 50 pounds. i live in jacksonville... READ MORE

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