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How Do I Reduce my Very Prominent Mons Pubis?

I'm 19,5'4 & I weigh 127 pounds. I'm not at all over weight, and i have a flat stomach but i have a very prominent mons pubis. I know... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure for Shaving Bone off the Back of the Head? (photo)

I have a hooked shaped bony area at the back of my skull that my skin folds over. Is there a procedure that can shave it down so that it is smooth and... READ MORE

How Long Before Tissue Engineering is Available?

Can anyone give me a rough estimate as to how long it'll be before tissue engineering (or something along the lines of it) to produce unlimited... READ MORE

I have very broad shoulders , almost masculine. This can operate on ?

I have very broad shoulders , almost masculine.Is there a way to shave down the bone ( surgery) or something? READ MORE

Any doctors near New Jersey that perform brow bone reduction?

The left side of my brow bone protrudes slightly more than the right side and I'd like to have it shaved down. READ MORE

Can a Bump Leftover from a Clavicle Fracture Be Removed?

I fractured my left clavicle about 4.5 months ago. Surgery was not indicated, and my doctor did not anticipate I would be left with a bump. Well,... READ MORE

Any Way to Make Bones Longer and Thicker?

I'm 27 and have extremely thin forearms and small hands/fingers. My bones are much smaller than my parents' and siblings'. Is there anyway to make my... READ MORE

Bone Cement Cosmetic Procedure- Chicago or Milwaukee?

Hello, I was wondering if there are any cosmetic doctors in the Chicago or Milwaukee vicinity that specialize in the bone cement technique that... READ MORE

If Stem Cells Can Be Used to Enlarge Breasts, Can It Be Used to Enlarge Bone As Well?

Theoretically speaking, stem cells can be turned into any cell, but would it be practical? By enlarging or modifying the bone structure I mean, for... READ MORE

Hard mass looks like extra bone in the knee as in photo. She says it hurt sometimes. Is there is any treatment for that? (Photo)

MY daughter have Hard mass looks like extra bone in her knee as in the photo. She says it hurt sometimes. Is there is a treatment for that? READ MORE

Flatter the bone at back of the head. (photo)

Hello, is it able to make a big back head bone like the one on the picture flatter? Thank you READ MORE

Excess bone on clavicle. Have you ever heard of a procedure to file down excessive bone from the clavicles?

Hello, after a bit of searching I cannot find a surgeon who will file down excess bone from my clavicles, have you ever heard of this procedure? They... READ MORE

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