Eyebrows + Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

A doctor friend of mine told me that tattoos darken with age. I'm thinking about getting my eyebrows tattooed, but don't want dark eyebrows... READ MORE

Washing Face After Permanent Eyebrow Makeup?

How long after my permanent makeup for eyebrows do I have to wait until I can wash my face? READ MORE

Permanent Makeup Removal ~ Partially Removed?

My tatooed eyebrows are too close together - is there a way to remove only part of the eyebrow? READ MORE

How to Fix Tattooed Eyebrows Discoloration?

My tattooed eyebrows turned orange. How can I fix them? READ MORE

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

I had my eyebrows tattooed about 3 weeks ago and really regret having it done. It is too dark (fair Asian), too high and too arched for my facial... READ MORE

What is the Best Numbing Cream for Use During Permanent Makeup Application?

I'm planning to have a permanent eyebrow, I want to stay beautiful painlessly! my friend told me, it is so painful, what is the best numbing cream I... READ MORE

Do Eyebrow Tattoos Sag Along with the Skin?

When you get old and your skin sags, does the eyebrow tattoo sag with your skin or will it stay where it was originally done? READ MORE

Method to Safely Speedup the Fading of Permanent Eyebrows and Hopefully Eventually Erase?

I have a permanent eyebrow done recently, and wish it has never happened. The brows are too arched, one side is more arched than the other. Laser... READ MORE

Bad Permanent Makeup - When Can I Get it Corrected?

I Had Bad Permanment Makeup Done Two Weeks Ago, is It to Soon to Have Them Corrected. I also notice that my eyebrows have nt grown back it's been... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Your Eyebrows Tattooed 2 Weeks After Having Botox?

Is It Safe to Have Your Eyebrows Tattooed 2 Weeks After Having Botox? READ MORE

Does Permanent Make-up Damage the Hair Follicles? (photo)

I'm concidering permanent make-up for eyebrows and upper eyelids. My eyelashes are sparse and hardly grow. I have basically no eyelashes on lower... READ MORE

Dallas Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Provider Recommendations

Can anybody recommend to me a provider in Dallas where I can get permanent eyebrow makeup? Thanks! READ MORE

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows About a Week Ago. Can I Get Botox Injections Now?

I want to know if I can get botox injections now or if I have to wait more than the week that its been. READ MORE

How Soon Can I See the Permanent Color of my Eyebrow Tattoo?

I had eyebrow tattooing done yesterday and they are VERY dark. How soon can I expect them to look as they are supposed to? READ MORE

Faint Eyebrows After Permanent Makeup

Three to four days after getting my I had permanent makeup for my eybrows, I peeled off the scabs. The brows were very dark (I am African... READ MORE

Miami Doctor Recommendations for Permanent Makeup Removal

My brows are awful. I'm looking for a specialist in permanent make up removal in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale area, actually I'll drive... READ MORE

How to Lighten & Change Shape of Tattooed Eyebrows?

After having eyebrows tattooed before successfully but faded way too soon. Went to different place & OMG! Groucho Marx is reincarnated! Several... READ MORE

Can I Fade my Light Brown Permanent Make Up (Eyebrows) with Vitamin A? (Tretinoin)

Is it possible to fade the permanent make up with Tretinoin? Are there any side effects? Does it destroy the hair? READ MORE

My Eyebrow Micropigmentation is Too Bluey Grey and Both Are Different Shapes

Had micropigmentation on eyebrows 6 weeks ago and not happy with the shape or the colour used.They were very dark at first but are now a bluey gray... READ MORE

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