Pec Implants Videos

Inside the Operating Room: Consumer With Poland Syndrome Undergoes Pec Implant Surgery

A 28-year-old consumer with Poland syndrome undergoes a pec implant surgery. See Dr. Aamod Rao at work as he addresses the absent right pectoral muscle. VIEW NOW

All About Pectoral Implants: What Are They Made of and How Are They Used?

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses the different types of pectoral implants. She explains how the silicone feels, how you have the option for custom implants or stock implants, and how the implants are placed into the body. VIEW NOW

Pec Implants Can Bulk You Up When the Weight Room Isn't Cutting It

Some men, regardless of their time logged at the gym, simply can't grow their chest and get the Dwayne Johnson pecs of their dreams. Dr. Marc DuPere explains that for these men, pectoral implants could be a viable option. VIEW NOW

Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Dr. Lopez Tallaj performs surgery to reduce a male breast, better known as male gynecomastia. VIEW NOW

What Are Bicep, Tricep, Pectoral, and Calf Implants?

Dr. Ryan Stanton discusses male implants for the arms, legs, and chest. VIEW NOW