Wide + Orthognathic Surgery

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Jaw/Chin Surgery for Male? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 21 year old male and I feel that my jaw / chin area is too wide making my face look longer. I was also wondering about the possibility of... READ MORE

Can I get Orthognathic surgery and a jaw shave reduction at the same time? (photos)

I have a protruding jaw. I don't have underbite anymore. Braces fixed that but my jaw still protrudes. I would like on a single lower jaw orthognathic... READ MORE

Will a posterior jaw angle implant create a wider & more defined jaw?

1. if i do decide to get a vertical drop down jaw angle implant will i get atleast maybe 2 mm width from the front view? 2 if one gets a width lateral... READ MORE

I Am Just Sick of my Wide Square Face. Should I Go For Jaw Reduction Surgery? (photo)

Please suggest for a younger looking face. i also need to know whether i require a rhinoplasty. .or any other kind of facial surgery? READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done for a Wide Jaw Line?

About eight years ago, I had orthognathic surgery to treat vertical maxillary excess. Unfortuantely, since then, I have been very uncomfortable with... READ MORE

Broad Nose After Orthognathic Surgery?

Hello, I did a jaw surgery on May 2009 I was a class II patient and I had a gummy smile. I asked my surgeon to correct my gummy smile too since then... READ MORE

I Want to Reduce the Width of my Jaw and Chin Because It Makes my Face Look Too Full. Which Method is Better and Safer?

Should i shave my facial bone on the sides or should i do a T-cut otoeostomy & fixation w/ titanium screws? i heared that shaving it from the... READ MORE

Are facial exercises counterintuitive if I have an over pronounced jaw line?

I have midface hypoplasia, a wide, square face (temples same width as jawline), and an overpronounced jaw/crossbite. I would like to consult a... READ MORE

Inner Mouth Size/Space and Jaw Reconstruction - Is it possible to make my mouth open wider?

Due to chemo and radiation treatments as an infant to the neck area, my jaw is lacking in size and masculine structure; it also killed the roots to my... READ MORE

How can I correct the roundness of my chin and jawline? (Photo)

For a while I have been unhappy with my facial structure in terms of my side profile and how wide my chin looks from a front view. When I look at... READ MORE

What could I get done to make my face slimmer but not oval? (photos)

I am a male. I feel my face is too wide and squarish. I think my lower jaw is too squarish. I do have angles and is alittle angular. I want it to be... READ MORE

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