TMJ + Orthognathic Surgery

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Chin Implant Vs Orthognathic Surgery for Receded Chin?

I have noticed my chin is receded in pictures so I started looking into a slight chin implant. The more look into it, it has dawned on me that this... READ MORE

Uneven Jaw Possibly Due to TMJ? (photo)

I'm 22, and my jaw has grown like this since puberty. At around age 12 I hurt my jaw while chewing something really large. After the injury it would... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery for Gummy Smile, Receding Profile, and Lip Incompetence? (photo)

Possible surgical procedures for the following? Bad lip incompetence at rest, closing lips causes visible chin strain Receding side... READ MORE

Many Asymmetries, Orthognathic Surgery to Fix? (photo)

Hi - I have several asymmetries on my face (uneven eye, crooked nose, sunken side) and I think they are all mostly due to an uneven Jaw. My TMJ clicks... READ MORE

Underdeveloped Jaw Surgery? Possibly Also Have TMJ, How to Get Insurance to Pay for It?

Im 16,I currently have braces,I was about to get them off a couple of days ago,but my mom(who is a hygienist)didnt think my teeth were ready so she... READ MORE

I Have TMJ and Every Time I Open my Mouth the Left Side of my Jaw Pops I Don't Have Any Pain. What Can I Do?

What can I do for this problem? I gone to the chiropractor but, I see no difference. READ MORE

Slanted teeth/lopsided lips/offset chin/tmj- all one problem? Braces? Surgery? (Photo)

TMJ since 17 (right side) but then I started being in more pictures and noticed things. No pain, but I do clench at night and put my tongue between my... READ MORE

Do I need absolutely need orthognathic surgery to fix my asymmetrical face, overbite, crossbite and TMJ? (Photo)

I went to a new dentist last year to get a routine checkup. She said that I needed braces to fix my problematic teeth. She also said that I needed... READ MORE

I have TMJ my jaw clicks when i open my mouth wide and sometimes when i eat and ringing in my ears for 4 years now? (photo)

Im 21 i tested my ears many times and it was fine! made CT scan on my jaw it was fine my dentist told me it's because of the molar that i have lost... READ MORE

How do I go about correcting jaw clicking or popping sound?

Hello, My name is Daaquan, And I'm 19 years old, I have a question about my jaw on the right side. When ever i yawn i would hear a pop or click sound,... READ MORE

Any ideas on how to go about making it CLEAR to insurance it is medically necessary to get this surgery? (photo)

I have been denied about 4 times by insurance saying this isn't a covered benefit and then they go on about tmj. I don't have tmj. It is clearly... READ MORE

What Are my Options to Fix my Jaw Line? (photo)

I've seen a TMJ specialist and he said that it could be the leading factor that caused my jaw line to shift to one side. As I have problems... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I am a little concerned about abnormal amount of asymmetry in my face. I took a few blows to the jaw a few years ago and was diagnosed with tmj. I'm... READ MORE

What Do You Recommend for a More Feminine Jaw Line? I Have Prominent Submandibular Glands (photo)

I have very prominent submandibular glands. I get a muscular 'bullfrog' effect in my submandibular area by pressing my toungue against the... READ MORE

I Am over 50 and Getting Braces. No TMJ Problem. Can Having Jaw Surgery Cause TMJ Problems?

I am female, 58, with class 2 malocclusion and crowding - teeth and gums in great shape. I can only chew with my back teeth. I have a strong chin and... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face with Crooked Mouth, What Are my Options to Bring More Balance to my Face? (photo)

I understand that asymmetry something that is fairly common however, I feel my face is much more asymmetrical than normal. I do have minor TMJ (ever... READ MORE

Good Doctors for Botox for Jawline/bruxism in MA/CT/RI Area?

I have been diagnosed with pretty severe TMJ/bruxism. I wear a night guard but would like a more permanent solution as I often clench during the day... READ MORE

TMJ Locked Jaw?

I have had TMJ Locked jaw for about 6 months now, and it used to pop and click for about 2 years but now it is stuck and i can hardly open my mouth! I... READ MORE

What Can I Do, to Remedy a More Prominent Jaw (On the Left Side) Which I Believe to Be Primarily Caused by TMJ? (photo)

My jaw on the right side protrudes more, and it also causes a "deviated" look both in pictures and when I speak or chew. I do have TMJ. My recent... READ MORE

What Are the Differences Between Botox for TMJ Vs a Jaw Reduction?

What Are the Differences Between Botox for TMJ Vs a Jaw Reduction? READ MORE

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