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Awkward Smile- Is my Mouth Too Small? Will Corrective Jaw Surgery Fix This?

I was told to get braces but got bonding instead to fill in spaces. I got them done Oct 5th, 2005 at (I'm now 20). My smile is really awkward,... READ MORE

Will jaw surgery affect my singing voice? TERRIFIED and trying to decide what to do? (Photo)

I have been singing all my life and it is my life goal. 10 years ago, I was told that the orthodontist that did my braces did not do it correctly and... READ MORE

What can I have done to make my jaw even? (Photo)

I have noticed that when I smile, my jaw is very uneven and my smile is unacttractive for that reason. The picture I have posted is my natural smile... READ MORE

Would jaw surgery, sliding genioplasty, or soft tissue surgery fix how I look when I smile? (photo)

I went to a jaw specialist because I have TMJ and my jaw is asymmetrical. I also have quite the overbite. He told me that I'd need surgery to correct... READ MORE

Orthognathic surgery or should I have orthodontic with TAD to correct overbite with incompetent lips?

Hello,I am in my early 30's now and I am so conscious of my smile especially I have seen couple orthodontist and I am getting mixed feedbacks. Some... READ MORE

What can be done about my crooked smile? (Photo)

So… I've noticed my chin or jaw seems to be crooked on the right side of my face. When smiling it's noticed the most. Although no one has ever... READ MORE

Can I have my maxilla raised vertically in conjunction with orthognathic surgery to reduce gummy smile? (photo)

I am due to have bi-maxillary orthognathic surgery to advance both my jaws forwards and am wondering if it is also possible to raise the maxilla... READ MORE

Is orthodontic surgery safe? Will it have relapse? Will surgery help me to correct gummy smile with incompetent lips? (photos)

I am 22yrs.I breathe mainly through mouth.My lips are incompetent.There is maxillary proclination.Crowding in mandibular anterior region and spacing... READ MORE

Do I need orthognatic surgery or just Braces/Invisalign? (photos)

I have an overbite that really bothers me. My profile looks bad, my smile looks bad, if I close my bite my face looks like a square... Can the looks... READ MORE

How much with lower jaw surgery to improve my looks? Is it worth it for me?

I have worn my back teeth down to the nerves because my bite is so bad. Severe TMJ. Pain. Obviously the lower jaw is small, and I was told (after... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry - Crooked Smile, Jaw Correction? (photo)

Hello, I am wondering how to correct my crooked smile, I have braces on currently. I've seen an oral surgeon to see if I was suitable for orthognathic... READ MORE

Upper Jaw Surgery. Can Upper Jaw Be Moved Down? And Will It Help Me to Show More Teeth when I Smile/talk?

Can upper jaw be moved down? And will it help me to show more teeth when I smile/talk (When I smile only 1mm-2mm of my teeth are seen)? READ MORE

Unhappy With the Aesthetics of My Smile After Orthodontics and Jaw Surgery. What Can I Do?

Had orthodontics & considered jaw surgery but opted for dental crowns instead (was leaving the country -couldn't go all the way). The crowns... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery Has Left Me with No Upper Teeth when I Smile. Do I Need Jaw/lip Surgery to Fix Smile?

When I was a kid I was told I needed Jaw surgery to fix my overbite. Well, I didn't expect them to take away my once beautiful smile. I now show no... READ MORE

Can the fix be done in one surgery, what exactly is going on, who do I need to see? (photo)

Crooked smile, my teeth are striahgt but lower jaw is slanted. Popping clicking sleeping problems, pain, camel chew at times, I think it has a... READ MORE

I am desperate for upper jaw surgery, have veneers. What can be done? Can it be under local? Botox gummy smile surgery? (photos)

I hate the way my face looks when talking /smiling; it looks so awkward. My upper set of teeth & mouth & lip seems so far back. The sides of my nose... READ MORE

What options would you suggest to improve my jaw? (photos)

I am attaching some photos and would like to find out what my options are with regards to improving my situation. I have a prominent lower jaw that is... READ MORE

I think I need jaw surgery, can the problems listed below be fixed w/ 1 surgery? How would each problem be fixed, individually?

-My jaw goes up on my L side ( I think this is why my cheeks look more prominent on my R side) -My smile is gummy on my L side but not my R (I think... READ MORE

Can both upper and lower arches be widened in orthoganthic surgery? (photo)

Both my bottom and top teeth slant outwards and I have a narrow smile. Can jaw surgery Woden the arches so my smile will be fuller and teeth will be... READ MORE

What can be done for asymmetry in jaw and chin? (photos)

Had surgery on my lower jaw, it was brought forward, currently in braces. Jaws are not symmetric. Left side looks under developed. when tilt my head... READ MORE

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