Reduction + Orthognathic Surgery

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Jaw Reduction, Facial Asymmetry, Long Face? (photo)

I am a 23 year old female, and I have been deeply dissatisfied with my face since the age of 6 or so. Maturing into my "adult face" has only made... READ MORE

Jaw Reduction - Jaw Much Larger Than Before Surgery at 6 Months? (photo)

I did a jaw angle reduction. It was done by a board-certified facial plastics doctor (with ENT background). I am very upset by the result. I have... READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling from a Jaw Reduction Last?

I am planning to have jaw reduction surgery but only have 3-4 weeks break. Is it possible for me to get it done? READ MORE

Double Chin After Lower Jaw Surgery? (photo)

I had lower jaw reduction surgery to correct my bite, an year ago. I still have one sided double chin plus a very prominent fat accumilation exactly... READ MORE

Do I Need Jaw Reduction? (photo)

I just started with braces, im 26. I think I need jaw reduction because it just seems my whole face is protruding forward. My dentists has advised we... READ MORE

Should I get a jaw reduction?

It's been bothering me for awhile, everyone says I shouldn't but...idk. I would love a professionals opinion. Thankyou READ MORE

Chin reduction orthognathic surgery. Protruding lower chin. (photo)

Lower jaw possible orthognathic surgery possible chin reduction. I need to know if I need one or both to balance my face as I feel my chin protrudes... READ MORE

Can surgeries move my nose and lips upwards while making my jaw smaller? (Photo)

I have a rather masculine face. In my opinion, it's because my face appears too large and all the features are spread out. I know about jaw reduction... READ MORE

Can you get both Orthognathic surgery and jaw reduction surgery?

I have a protruding jaw and also a very large broad face. Is it possible to get both done? Or would it be too much stress for my jaw? READ MORE

Long Term Ramificaitons of Asian Facial Contouring Surgery: Mandible and Zygoma Reduction Surgery?

Hello, Disregarding all social and psychological issues associated with facial plastic surgery, what are possible or documented long term physical... READ MORE

Why Dont More Doctors Perform V-line Jaw Reduction/masseter Muscle Reduction Other Than in South K?

I've been getting botox for my jaw with amazing results (i.e. slimming the face down completely). However, I'm looking for a permanent method and I... READ MORE

Is High Frequency Masseter Reduction Permanent? Is It Safe? Which Clinic Does It? Is This Available in India? Average Cost?

I chewed gum and clinched my teeth hard with bed sheet for bit square face but after some days of repetative practice i identified visible change in... READ MORE

I Want to Have My Jawline Reduced Surgically. Is This a Realistic Procedure? (photo)

I want a permanent surgery that will turn my round, heavy jaw into a more defined, yet feminine-looking jawline. I also want to get a nose job. I... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery to Fix my Bite Which is out of Alignment?

I am a 58 year old female. I am scheduled for jaw surgery and because the moving forward of my jaw will make my chin protrude it is being suggested... READ MORE

I had double jaw surgery & chin reduction. Was my upper jaw moved too far forward? My face looks unbalanced/ chimp-like. (photo)

I was supposed to get this surgery 10 years ago but my mom declined so my underbite was fixed with braces. Years later, I developed severe TMD and... READ MORE

Can Jawline Reduction Surgery Be Done Without Causing Drooping? Are There Any Sliding Scale, Payment Options in NYC? (photo)

How can Jawline Reduction Surgery prevent drooping (I'm late 30s)? Are there any in sliding scale options in New York City or around? READ MORE

Lack of Pics at Consultation?

During a consultation, the Md showed me 1 jaw reduction picture. This was his time to show his talent but I was not impressed. Should I be cautious... READ MORE

Is the laser face contouring in Asia not offered in the USA for a reason? Is it safe? (photo)

I have recently been considering a long jaw reduction to correct facial proportions and while googling I found a ton of websites that offer this... READ MORE

Is There Such a Thing As Jaw Reduction? (photo)

I want to have a smaller face and my large jaw from the side especially gets in the way. READ MORE

Upper mandible width reduction.

My question is regarding a jaw bone reduction, I don't have a problem with my jaw angle but rather the width of the mandible from below the zygoma to... READ MORE

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