Protruding + Orthognathic Surgery

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Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Protrusion of my Mouth? Would a Chin Implant Help? (photo)

I have a flat Asian face and eyes with very high cheekbones and a protruding mouth. What can I do to improve my features? READ MORE

How to make a protruding mouth look more feminine? (Photo)

So I am 21 years old (F) and would like to know what I can do in terms of my mouth/jaw/chin, etc. to soften the look there.My jaw does click when i... READ MORE

Can I get Orthognathic surgery and a jaw shave reduction at the same time? (photos)

I have a protruding jaw. I don't have underbite anymore. Braces fixed that but my jaw still protrudes. I would like on a single lower jaw orthognathic... READ MORE

Malocclusion of teeth with lower jaw swinging to the left while upper jaw swinging to the right. Is surgery my only option?

I am a 15 year old female who's had braces for around 10 months now. I've just had my bottom braces put on a few weeks ago and when I got them... READ MORE

Chin reduction orthognathic surgery. Protruding lower chin. (photo)

Lower jaw possible orthognathic surgery possible chin reduction. I need to know if I need one or both to balance my face as I feel my chin protrudes... READ MORE

Why Does my Upper Lip Stick Out? (photo)

I'm not really sure how to explain my problem, but it seems like the area above my lip is not leveled with the skin on the front of my cheeks. It... READ MORE

Can a Protruding Upper Jaw Be Corrected Without Surgery? (photo)

I have crowded teeth in my upper and lower jaws. both of my jaws are protruding with the upper slightly more so, giving me a sad or angry look. I'm in... READ MORE

Mouth Protrusion & Weak Chin. Jaw Surgery or Chin Implant? (photo)

I am very self conscious of my protruding mouth. Im unsure if I need a chin implant or if I need jaw surgery. My face appears long and my chin is weak... READ MORE

Do I Have a Receding Chin, over Jet, or Protruding Mouth? Please Help Identify Cause. (photo)

I had braces for two years. Even after braces, my front teeth protrude out. It looks bad when I smile. I would like to fix that, by surgery or... READ MORE

Protruding Jaw Line with Severe Under Bite? (photo)

I have a long chin and my side profile really illustrates that point. Since I was a young man, I have wanted to address this issue. Is this a dental... READ MORE

Teeth Extraction or Cheek/Jaw Surgery? (photo)

Hi, I have a convex profile with bi-protusion and narrow palate, plus an asymmetry on my right profile, the mouth (and chin?) is not aligned... READ MORE

What Is It Called When The Jaw Is Recessed But Teeth Protrude, And How To Fix? (photo)

Hi, when a top jaw is recessed which is clearly indicated by a shallow paranasal region, but the teeth meet up fine with the lower jaw as a result of... READ MORE

Long Jaw & Protruded Lower Lip? (photo)

Im 23 year old female I used to have a class 3 jaw protrusion.. I was wearing dental braces for 3 years..My teeth looks wonderful but my lower lip... READ MORE

What Kind of Jaw Surgery Will Correct a Protruding Mouth and Receding Chin?

I am not familiar with jaw surgery at all. Thank you! READ MORE

How to Fix Possible Bi-max Protrusion + Weak Chin? (photo)

I had braces, but I think my bite is strange. What should I do to make my face more aligned? I look at my face and just think it looks like a horse's,... READ MORE

What Should I Do About my Side Profile? (photo)

Okay so I've always hated it One cause my forehead kinda just goes flat back, Then my mouth protrudes, i do have braces currently and never had teeth... READ MORE

I Need Help Finding a Craniofacial Surgeon Who Can Can Fix a Zygomatic Fracture?

I live in Ft Lauderdale(south Florida) I have had a zygomatic fracture for three years now. My entire zygoma is protruding mainly in my zygomatic arch... READ MORE

My upper jaw is protruded , can this be fixed without surgery? (Photo)

My upper jaw is protruded , I think It's a skeletal problem , i asked an orthodontist and he told me braces will fix this but we need to extract 4... READ MORE

Any Reason for Maxillary Protusion?

So a few months ago (this past April), i fell left chin/jaw bottom first onto a wooden table. Would this impact ( to my left chin/jaw hit quite hard),... READ MORE

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