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Invisalign Instead of Orthognathic Surgery?

I had metal braces as a teen, along with: headgear (that I didn't wear enough) to move my top jaw forward and an expander on my top jaw. My lower... READ MORE

I Have A Weak Chin/Jaw, Am I a Batter Candidate For Orthognathic or Implant?

I've been insecure about the lower half of my face for a very long time. I recently spoke with an oral surgeon who informed me that he can correct... READ MORE

Unhappy with Facial Profile - Maxillofacial Surgery Candidate? (photo)

I'm a 20 year old male and am unhappy with my profile, mostly as a result of my poorly aligned jaw. Pics are attached. This is what I would guess my... READ MORE

My jaw is uneven, do I need corrective jaw surgery? (photos)

My chin is slightly skewed and my left and right jaws are uneven. I've seen other people on the internet, I think mine is not as bad as what I've seen... READ MORE

Can Orthognathic jaw surgery address the asymmetry of my jaw line? (photo)

One jaw angle is higher than the other. I am wondering if it is possible for my orthognathic jaw surgeon to address my asymmetrical jaw line at the... READ MORE

Genioplasty & Mentalis Muscle Resuspension. Bimax w/sliding genioplasty to correct type 2 overbite 10 years ago (photos)

Genioplasty & Mentalis Muscle Resuspension. I had a bimax with sliding genioplasty to correct a type 2 overbite 10 years ago.My lip incompetence has... READ MORE

Should I get underbite/ lowerbite correction surgery? (photos)

I have an underbite and it is (as you see in pictures) mild at least in my opinion, and when i went to an orthodontist at age 18-20 years, he said... READ MORE

Worth It to Get Orthognathic Surgery?

I am a 20 yr old male who is just finishing up with braces. My ortho raised concerns about a bad bite at the beginning of treatment, and about a month... READ MORE

More defined, masculine lower face? (photo)

Hi There, I'm a male in his early 20s hoping to achieve a bit more of an angular, defined lower face/jaw. I'm in good shape, but I've always naturally... READ MORE

hello wanted to get advice about asymmetrical jaw (photo)

Hello i have an asymmetrical jaw and thought about having jaw jurgery and went to some surgeons and they all said i didnt need even my orthodontist... READ MORE

Does jaw surgery fix openbite and overbite?

I have a very recessed jaw (17 year old male) and also a large openbite and overbite. My parents are wondering if I can get a chin implant now, and... READ MORE

I think I have vertical maxillary excess and maxillary recession. Is jaw surgery worth it in my case? (Photo)

My teeth fit together perfectly fine. However, I always jut my jaw forward without thinking about it. This helps me breathe better which is why I do... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Jaw surgery or chin implant? (photos)

I have a very recessed jawline, along with a huge overbite + openbite. I am a 18 year old male. Originally I was set on having jaw surgery, but... READ MORE

How Effective is the Homeoblock Device for Maxillary Development?

I cannot afford sarpe and the lefort procedure. I discovered Dr. Belfor (offices in the Catskills and NYC ), and his patented homeoblock device. I... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry Very Uneven Bone Structure?

Im a 22 year old male and i have always been bothered about my looks i have been told by many that i am ugly and i know i cant fix that but i thought... READ MORE

Uneven Face After Wisdom Teeth Removal (photos)

I recently got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Before the procedure, I had a fairly symmetrical face (see the before picture). Immediately after the... READ MORE

Should I Have Upper Jaw Surgery or a Lip Lift? (photo)

Since a chld I have been unable to show teeth when I smile, I have recently had veneers which now shows teeth but still not a great smile. It has been... READ MORE

Narrow Arch and Malocclusion in a 43 Year Old Male? (photo)

I currently live in Scotland and am concerned that, despite the generally excellent dental treatment available, the advances in orthodontics and... READ MORE

Bone Erosion Due to Dentigerous Cyst Around Impacted 3rd Molad?

Hello Dr. I am a 40 year old Male, 8 weeks back I had a surgery for the removal of a large dentigerous cyst on my right Mandible. There was a... READ MORE

Why do I have an uneven jaw line after double jaw surgery? What is wrong with my mandible? (Photo)

I had double jaw surgery on August 25, 2014. The swelling in my face has gone down. Now the right side of my face sticks out and when i touch it I... READ MORE

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