Gummy + Orthognathic Surgery

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Orthoganthic Surgery or Braces for Gummy Smile and Overbite?

I am getting braces, lingual on the top and regular on the bottom. Some doctors have said I need orthognathic surgery but I've also had a few tell... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery for Gummy Smile, Receding Profile, and Lip Incompetence? (photo)

Possible surgical procedures for the following? Bad lip incompetence at rest, closing lips causes visible chin strain Receding side... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Orthognathic Surgery? (photo)

My main complain is gummy smile and slightly long maxilla. Also, my chin is receeding and my lower jaw is small wich creats jowels, double chin and... READ MORE

Orthognathic surgery or should I have orthodontic with TAD to correct overbite with incompetent lips?

Hello,I am in my early 30's now and I am so conscious of my smile especially I have seen couple orthodontist and I am getting mixed feedbacks. Some... READ MORE

Can I have my maxilla raised vertically in conjunction with orthognathic surgery to reduce gummy smile? (photo)

I am due to have bi-maxillary orthognathic surgery to advance both my jaws forwards and am wondering if it is also possible to raise the maxilla... READ MORE

How much with lower jaw surgery to improve my looks? Is it worth it for me?

I have worn my back teeth down to the nerves because my bite is so bad. Severe TMJ. Pain. Obviously the lower jaw is small, and I was told (after... READ MORE

Do I need lower jaw surgery or double jaw surgery?? (photos)

My surgeon says that lower jaw surgery will fix my function issues and that my upper jaw is in a good place. But I am very unhappy with my gummy smile... READ MORE

Would jaw surgery improve my appearance as well as OSA? (Photo)

I have moderate sleep apnea & use CPAP. Id like opinions on my jaw & facial appearance & is this an anatomical reason for my sleep apnea. I had braces... READ MORE

Unhappy With the Aesthetics of My Smile After Orthodontics and Jaw Surgery. What Can I Do?

Had orthodontics & considered jaw surgery but opted for dental crowns instead (was leaving the country -couldn't go all the way). The crowns... READ MORE

I am desperate for upper jaw surgery, have veneers. What can be done? Can it be under local? Botox gummy smile surgery? (photos)

I hate the way my face looks when talking /smiling; it looks so awkward. My upper set of teeth & mouth & lip seems so far back. The sides of my nose... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a revision of double jaw surgery? Is it possible to do jaw surgery and rhinoplasty together? (Photo)

I had my double jaw surgery on April 2014 to fix a very bad underbite (class 3), crossbite and gummy smile. It's been 8 mths now. I did not like the... READ MORE

Maxillofacial Surgery Under Local?

I have a slightly recessed jaw and also a gummy smile. I dont want to use botox or a jaw implant and was wondering if the former or both can be fixed... READ MORE

Do I Need Braces/Invisalign or Orthognathic Surgery or Both? (photo)

I went to an orthodontist and they said I needed braces. It is more suitable for me than Invisalign. However, she said I didn't need orthognathic... READ MORE

Can I Get Orthognathic Surgery After Having Had Chin and Jaw Implants?

I got chin and jaw implants to improve my receding chin and weak jawline about 5 years ago, but it's still not great. The orthodontist says I have a... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a "gummy smile" after double jaw surgery? (photos)

From my after picture can you tell if I have a gummy smile? READ MORE

Lip incompetence? I can't close my mouth, do I need orthognatic surgery?? (photos)

I've had braces before for a year and a half, but my upper teeth still flare out a lot. Not only that but I can't close my mouth and my lips hang open... READ MORE

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