Extraction + Orthognathic Surgery

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Need Orthodontics. But Do I Need Orthognathic Surgery? (photo)

I've become incredibly self-conscious about my side profile. I've recently been to an orthodontist who has said that I need 4 teeth removing... READ MORE

Recovery Time for Immediate Temporization Type Dental Implant

How much recovery time for extraction, implant, bone graft (cadaver) and a few stitches? No flap made. I am on day 3 and still have headache and... READ MORE

How Long Should I Have Jaw Pain and What Should I Do About It?

Earlier this mouth I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed. Everthing went well. I went to follow ups with the Dr. A couple of days ago, I was eating and... READ MORE

I have TMJ and overbite, right side of my jaw is longer than the left. Should I try the damon system or jaw surgery? (Photo)

Im wondering if I should get the damon system, have jaw surgery or what I should do, I am 20 yrs old and my jaw is still moving, its painful and... READ MORE

Do I have a crooked Jaw? (Photo)

My braces were first put on Dec 2010. After a year, my Ortho suggested removing two teeth as my teeth were overcrowded. He then added a small metal... READ MORE

Is It necessary to extract four bicuspids to reduce protruding teeth and lip incompetence?

I am 24 and have an open bite, lip incompetence, and protruding top and lower teeth. I am currently on braces and was informed I would need to extract... READ MORE

Were premolars extractions necessary? (Photo)

I've got all first premolars extracted 2 months ago, to treat bimax protrusion (next year I'll have double jaw surgery). I've read yestarday some... READ MORE

Is Jaw Surgery Needed for 5 Mm Overbite? Any Alternatives?

Hi, i'm 15 years old and have a 5mm overbite. I don't wish to go for extractions as I've read some articles regarding pulling teeth as a... READ MORE

Re-opening Upper Bicuspids Extraction Spaces/sunk in Profile Because of Orthodontist? (photo)

I went to the orthodontist at 18 and had my xrays done. The doctors discovered i had a class 3 overbite, the doctor asked me if i would like to remove... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery after Bicuspid Extractions?

Am very unhappy with my appearance and I have been considering double jaw surgery to reconstruct my face after bad experience with teeth extraction... READ MORE

My Midline of Lower Jaw Has Moved Towards Right?

Hello! My Midline of lower jaw has moved towards right.3 years ago i had to extract 2nd premolar from right side of lower jaw. The space remained... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Me to Have Some Kind of Jaw Surgery?

1 year ago i had braces to fix my overbite, i removed 2 teeth in my upperjaw and straightened my teeth. After that i read on the internet that this... READ MORE

Can an alveoplasty be seen on an x-ray?

I had 3 extractions with alveoplasty and then followed up a few days later with another dentist who said he didn't see any incisions or alveoplasty... READ MORE

Did a tooth extraction effect my jaw development on one side? If so, can it be fixed?

Hi, I am a 20 year old and when I was about 12 my tooth was extracted. It was extracted because the filling on that tooth came off. They did not tell... READ MORE

Do I need jaw surgery? Can this problem solve by any cosmetic dentistry or still can we remove two first premolar?

You can watch I am using retainers...means I completed my orthodental treatment...my doctor suggest me to remove 4 pre molar 2 from each jaw...I... READ MORE

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