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Jaw Augmentation vs. Orthognathic Surgery - Less Risk and Reversible?

Is jaw augmentation reversible if I don't like it just like chin implants? I mean is it purely cosmetic unlike orthognathic surgery? Because... READ MORE

Midface implant or orthognathic surgery for ethnic midface hypoplasia?

I'm an ethnic patient with very wide jawline & a collapsed midface, making my nasolabial folds very deep. I have a crossbite but not to the extent... READ MORE

What would you recommend; Orthognathic Surgery vs. Facial Contouring for a large pointy chin? (photos)

During the time I had braces my orthodontist mentioned that I might end up needing jaw surgery. He decided that I did not need it but it has been... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Jaw surgery vs Chin augmentation? (photo)

I am 16 years old, and have an extremely weak chin and lack of a jaw line. I have a large overbite. What would be the best and cheapest route? READ MORE

I have TMJ and overbite, right side of my jaw is longer than the left. Should I try the damon system or jaw surgery? (Photo)

Im wondering if I should get the damon system, have jaw surgery or what I should do, I am 20 yrs old and my jaw is still moving, its painful and... READ MORE

Mouth Protrusion Correction: Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO) Vs. Two-jaw Surgery? (photo)

My primary concern for which I am seeking surgical correction is mouth protrusion. My bite is normal, but I am displeased with my facial aesthetic,... READ MORE

What Are the Differences Between Botox for TMJ Vs a Jaw Reduction?

What Are the Differences Between Botox for TMJ Vs a Jaw Reduction? READ MORE

Does V line lower jaw surgery suit me? Or is Botox enough to give me V shaped face? (Photo)

My face was large & square. I used Botox on lower jaw muscles over the past 5 years, 35 - 45 units on each side per year. Left jaw is still bigger,... READ MORE

I have midface hyperplasia, protruding jaw, crossbite. How do I correct this dentally/cosmetically? (Photo)

This woman's "before" image is similar to my own. I find her on site discussing orthognathic surgery. I have a slight crossbite & my face is... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Braces or jaw surgery? (photos)

I think my case is severe. My upper teeth is slanted, so are my lower teeth. I think this is more than just a crossbite and overbite. Is this a... READ MORE

Surgery or braces? (Photo)

I wanted to know if I needed to get braces or surgery for my under bite and crooked jaw,I want to permanently get rid of it. READ MORE

Would I be better candidate for a chin implant or jaw reconstruction? (Photo)

Also considering a nose job (Rhinoplasty) and cheek implants? Cost is somewhat of an issue. What surgeries would I MOST benefit from and would behoove... READ MORE

What medical material is best for jaw implants? (zirconia, PEEK,acylic PMMA)

In terms of avoiding infection, what what would be a good medical material for jaw implants. Custom made jaw implants made from acrylic PMMA have been... READ MORE

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