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Could Orthognathic Swelling Be the Reason my Rhinoplasty is Looking This Way? (photo)

I had upper jaw surg. and rhino/septoplasty together 25 days ago. I posted a question earlier, but didn't mention the lefort 1 surgery. I had cranial... READ MORE

Slanted teeth/lopsided lips/offset chin/tmj- all one problem? Braces? Surgery? (Photo)

TMJ since 17 (right side) but then I started being in more pictures and noticed things. No pain, but I do clench at night and put my tongue between my... READ MORE

Just Had Orthognathic Surgery, Swelling in Lower Lip is Still Very Bad, When Will That Subside?

3 weeks post op I have no feeling in half my face, and even the top of my face feels a little numb, my lower lip is still huge and swelling... READ MORE

Malocclusion Following Maxillofacial Surgery?

I fractured the body of the right side of my mandible but my ramus, alveolar and TMJ remained intact. I had maxillofacial surgery to reconstruct the... READ MORE

How can I fix my asymmetrical jaw? (Photo)

One side of my jaw is much less defined than the other. It appears as if the bone as well as the muscle hasn't fully developed. it makes my teeth... READ MORE

Asymmetric jaw - what could have caused my jaw to be skinnier on the left than the right side of my face?

I was wondering what could of caused my jaw to be skinnier on the left than my right also when I clench my teeth my jaw muscle on the right feels... READ MORE

What is the large hard lump on jawline after sliding genioplasty? (Photo)

I had a sliding genioplasty 7 days ago and I have a very large lump on my left side that feels hard to the touch. Most all of the post op pics I have... READ MORE

Orthodontic problem. How can I get it fixed? (Photo)

What is the name of my jaw problem and how can I get it fixed (non-surgically) READ MORE

If your jaw is asymmetric, is it natural?

My left jaw is slightly thicker than my right jaw. When I look in the mirror, I can see the difference and it's a bit slant. I'm really conscious... READ MORE

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