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Invisalign Instead of Orthognathic Surgery?

I had metal braces as a teen, along with: headgear (that I didn't wear enough) to move my top jaw forward and an expander on my top jaw. My lower... READ MORE

I Have A Weak Chin/Jaw, Am I a Batter Candidate For Orthognathic or Implant?

I've been insecure about the lower half of my face for a very long time. I recently spoke with an oral surgeon who informed me that he can correct... READ MORE

Do I need absolutely need orthognathic surgery to fix my asymmetrical face, overbite, crossbite and TMJ? (Photo)

I went to a new dentist last year to get a routine checkup. She said that I needed braces to fix my problematic teeth. She also said that I needed... READ MORE

Ptotic submandibular gland. Options?

One of my submandibular glands is very noticeable and affects my jawline. I know resection is the best and permanent option, but was wondering if... READ MORE

Is Jaw Surgery Needed for 5 Mm Overbite? Any Alternatives?

Hi, i'm 15 years old and have a 5mm overbite. I don't wish to go for extractions as I've read some articles regarding pulling teeth as a... READ MORE

17 Male, How Do I Broaden My Jaw Bone?

My under the ear part (massater muscles) tapper upto my chin, n it doesn't look good, all i want to do/know is how to broaden the lower back jaw bone... READ MORE

TADs to Correct Occlusal Cant Rather Than Surgery?

Hello, I have a slight jaw asymmetry issue in that the lower jaw cants to the right. I don't know if my upper jaw has a cant but when I look in... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry After Front Teeth Root Canal, Posts, and Crown, Can this be Fixed Without Surgery? (photo)

I've noticed that I have a slight facial asymmetry. It's my right above my lips on the right side is slightly protruding. It seems as though... READ MORE

Surgery alternatives to correct underbite? (photo)

I have crowded upper teeth & underbite & an impacted canine. An orthodontist has suggested that I will get best results if I undergo jaw surgery a... READ MORE

What is the alternative to jaw surgery for a recessed lower lip/ jaw? (photo)

I have a receded jaw that causes my lower lip to be behind my upper lip. I have an overbite as well but all my teeth touch. The problem I am having is... READ MORE

My upper jaw is more prominent and lower jaw recessed. Is surgery the only option and would it give better results?

I am 22, female. initially i had cross bite and my teeth were not aligned so the dentist pulled out two molar from my upper jaw and expanded my upper... READ MORE

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