Age 17 Or Under + Orthognathic Surgery

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When Do Jaws Stop Growing?

My niece always complains about her jaw clicking. Is this because of the growing plates? (she's 14) One side of her jaw is wider than the other. The... READ MORE

How Do You Correct an Underbite on a 6 Yr Old?

My son is 6 years old and has a slight underbite. His dentist has suggested extracting the top 4 teeth and 2 of the bottom teeth (he has already lost... READ MORE

Underdeveloped Jaw Surgery? Possibly Also Have TMJ, How to Get Insurance to Pay for It?

Im 16,I currently have braces,I was about to get them off a couple of days ago,but my mom(who is a hygienist)didnt think my teeth were ready so she... READ MORE

Should a 16 Year Old Be Forced to Have Jaw Advancement Surgery?

Oral surgeon and orthodontist recommend jaw advancement surgery to correct a 6MM overbite. Reasons are cosmetic and to avoid some POTENTIAL long term... READ MORE

Do I need jaw surgery to correct my overbite? What other options do I have? (photo)

I have a class II overbite and currently have braces on .I was 17 when I had them put on, my treatment plan is for 34 months. It is january 3 2014 and... READ MORE

Do I need jaw surgery? (photos)

I had braces when I was 17. While they successfully straightened my teeth, I still feel that my jaws don't fit together correctly. I have always been... READ MORE

Do I need jaw surgery; if so, what would you recommend? (Photo)

I got braces about 9 months ago and in preparation for it I had to get 4 teeth pulled. I only started noticing my chin looking slightly pushed in for... READ MORE

Is my jaw surgery going to be painful?

Okay so I got told that I have to go through Surgery. They are going to break my jaw and my jaw bone and grind it down into place. I dont know how... READ MORE

What Would You Do to Improve my Facial Profile? (photo)

I've had very bad retractive orthodontics and now that I'm nearly 16 it seems irreversible. My facial profile wasn't fantastic before orthodontics,... READ MORE

Does jaw surgery fix openbite and overbite?

I have a very recessed jaw (17 year old male) and also a large openbite and overbite. My parents are wondering if I can get a chin implant now, and... READ MORE

Can I Get Braces Now and Do Corrective Jaw Surgery Later?

When I visted a dentist to get braces on he told me that I need to do the corrective jaw surgery which is supposed to be done after age of 18(once... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Jaw surgery vs Chin augmentation? (photo)

I am 16 years old, and have an extremely weak chin and lack of a jaw line. I have a large overbite. What would be the best and cheapest route? READ MORE

Malocclusion of teeth with lower jaw swinging to the left while upper jaw swinging to the right. Is surgery my only option?

I am a 15 year old female who's had braces for around 10 months now. I've just had my bottom braces put on a few weeks ago and when I got them... READ MORE

Is Jaw Surgery Needed for 5 Mm Overbite? Any Alternatives?

Hi, i'm 15 years old and have a 5mm overbite. I don't wish to go for extractions as I've read some articles regarding pulling teeth as a... READ MORE

Palate Expander Widen Nose?

We are considering orthodontic treament for my 13 yr. old daughter. She has straight teeth but an overbite which is hardly visible. We consulted... READ MORE

Would Surgery Fix my Protruding Mouth? (photo)

From the front I look relatively normal but my side profile looks very disproportioned and odd. I'm 16, will my face stay like this forever or may it... READ MORE

TMJ Locked Jaw?

I have had TMJ Locked jaw for about 6 months now, and it used to pop and click for about 2 years but now it is stuck and i can hardly open my mouth! I... READ MORE

Do I have an underdeveloped jaw, receding chin? (photo)

About Me: 1) Male. 2) 15yrs old. 3) Wear braces and elastics for a class II malocclusion and open bite. 4) Likely started puberty late. Questions: 1)... READ MORE

Lower jaw problems and susceptible Long Face Syndrome, what can be achieved through lower jaw surgery apart from fixing my bite?

16 soon to be 17yro female with pre existing overbite as now made worse by the extraction of 4 teeth that were pulled before getting my braces of... READ MORE

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