Nose Surgery Videos

After a Sports Injury, This 18-Year-Old Man Had His Nose Bump Removed

Dr. Michael Suzman discusses his passion for repairing and reconstructing noses and shares this young man's before and after photos. VIEW NOW

"No More Bump" — This Young Woman Sees Her New Nose 2 Weeks After Surgery

Dr. Michael Elam performed a septorhinoplasty on this woman. Today she sees her nose for the first time as Dr. Elam removes the bandages. VIEW NOW

Evolution of Nose Jobs — The Doctor Explains Modern Techniques

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh explains how the techniques used for rhinoplasty surgery have evolved over the years. He also discusses the shifts in perceived beauty of the nose in recent years. VIEW NOW

From Nose Jobs to Breast Implants — See 3 Minutes of Before & Afters

Dr. Carlos Recio shares before and after photos on several procedures including nose jobs, eyelid surgery, and breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

What Are the Advantages of Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

Dr. M. Sean Freeman explains the difference between these two procedures and the pros and cons of each. VIEW NOW

I'm Unhappy With My Nose Job Result — How Can It Be Fixed?

Dr. M Sean Freeman discusses revision rhinoplasty surgery and how soon you can have the operation. VIEW NOW

Can I See What My Nose Will Look Like Before Having a Nose Job?

Dr. Sean Freeman answers this question about computer imaging results and rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

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Nose Jobs: How Soon Can I Exercise After Surgery

Dr. M. Sean Freeman suggests these wait times before exercise and other sports. VIEW NOW

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Will My Nose Need to Be Broken for a Nose Job?

Dr. M. Sean Freeman answers this common question about rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Nose Jobs: Will Thin Nasal Skin Affect My Cosmetic Results

Dr. M. Sean Freeman answers this question about thinness of skin and successful rhinoplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

Can a Nose Job Improve My Breathing?

Dr. M. Sean Freeman answers this question about rhinoplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

I Want a Nose Job But I'm Afraid of Anesthesia. What Are My Options?

Dr. M. Sean Freeman explains the process of rhinoplasty and anesthesia. VIEW NOW

Who Is the Best Candidate for a Nose Job?

Dr. M. Sean Freeman shares his experience working with patients interested in rhinoplasties. Learn more. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhinoplasty: How Long Should I Wait Between Surgeries?

Don't like your new nose? Here's what Dr. M. Sean Freeman recommends when it comes to revision rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Learn the 5 Risks of Getting a Nose Job

There are limitations to what rhinoplasty can do, says Dr. M. Sean Freeman. Learn what they are and what risks to expect. VIEW NOW