Nose Surgery Videos

This Woman Asked to See What Nose Would Better Fit Her Face — See the Doctor's Response

This RealSelf community member wanted to know what changes to her nose would look best. Dr. Thomas Funcik shares his digital rendering of potential surgical changes. VIEW NOW

Nose Job Recovery: Here's How Long It'll Take to Recover

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian breaks down what to expect from your nose job recovery. See before and after photos. VIEW NOW

Cassandra's Story: 10 Years After Breaking Her Nose, She's Getting a New One

Cassandra's suffering from breathing problems stemming from an old injury to her nose. Follow her rhinoplasty story with Dr. David E. Kim. VIEW NOW

Should I Get an Open or Closed Rhinoplasty? Have the Differences Explained in Under 2 Minutes

Dr. Chase Lay shares the pros and cons of open and closed rhinoplasty. Learn the basics in under two minutes. VIEW NOW

Watch This Woman's Nose Job — See the Surgery (GRAPHIC)

This woman wants a more defined tip and narrower nose. Dr. Shahram Salemy explains his technique during surgery. VIEW NOW

What Is Rhinoplasty? The Doctor Explains in 90 Seconds

Dr. Warwick Nettle explains the basics of rhinoplasty. Hear from one young patient about her nose job experience. VIEW NOW

Pineapples and Sunflowers — How Both Could Help Your Nose Job Recovery

Learn what to expect following your nose job, as explained by Dr. Donald B. Yoo. VIEW NOW

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Can I Get Sinus Surgery During a Nose Job?

Have sinus problems? You may be able to fix them while you're getting your nose done. Dr. Samir Undavia has the details. VIEW NOW

Nose Job Reveal: What's This Young Woman Make of Her New Look?

After waiting years for her nose job, this young woman finally see the results. Dr. Michael V. Elam shares her reaction. VIEW NOW

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"Oh My God! I Love It!" — See This Young Woman's New Nose

This young woman has wanted a nose job since childhood. Does she like the final results? VIEW NOW

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Nose Job Results Change Over Time — See These Looks 5 Years Post-Op

Dr. Richard W. Westreich shares nose job before and after photos spanning five years. Do you see the differences? VIEW NOW


What Was the Most Uncomfortable Part of Your Nose Job? This Patient Says...

Dr. Michael Elam shows this woman her new nose. Does she like the final results? VIEW NOW

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This Woman's Wanted a Nose Job Since Middle School — Does She Like the Final Look?

This young woman has wanted a nose job for years. Does she like the final results? Dr. Michael Elam shares her reaction. VIEW NOW

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What Is the Rhinoplasty Society?

Ever heard of the Rhinoplasty Society? Here's what it is and why it matters to you, as explained by Dr. Andrew Kornstein. VIEW NOW

Nose Job: What Makes It One of Plastic Surgery's Most Challenging Procedures

Did you know a nose job is one of plastic surgery's most challenging procedures? Here's why, as explained by Dr. Andrew Kornstein. VIEW NOW