Nose Surgery Videos

Nose Job Myths: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Know your nose! Dr. A. Joshua Zimm answers commonly asked questions about what he calls the most complex operation in all of facial plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

Nose Job Implants: Do They Work Better Than My Own Cartilage?

Implants aren't just for breast jobs! If you're getting your nose done, implants might be part of the conversation. Dr. Paul S. Nassif explains. VIEW NOW

Before and After: Asian Rhinoplasty — Can You Tell the Difference?

Asian rhinoplasty patients of Dr. Charles S. Lee pose for before and after pictures. What do you make of the final results? VIEW NOW

Can Surgery Make My Face Look More Masculine?

While come people want their faces to look more feminine and soft, others were born with a soft face but would prefer a bit harder of a look. Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel explains what can be done to help. VIEW NOW

A Closed Rhinoplasty Offers Unique Advantages, But is Open or Closed Better?

Dr. Chris Moss discusses the differences between an open and closed rhinoplasty and provides his opinion on which is the better procedure. VIEW NOW

What Can I Expect During a Nose Job Consultation? How Long Will It Take?

It's important to click with your doctor, which makes the consultation a very important step. Dr. Paul S. Nassif shares what you can expect when you visit his particular office to learn more about getting a nose job. VIEW NOW

Are the Results of a Rhinoplasty Permanent?

You asked, Dr. Paul S. Nassif answered. If you undergo a nose job, are the results permanent? Dr. Nassif explains how it's not always what you see is what you get. VIEW NOW

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Exercise After a Nose Job?

If you are considering a rhinoplasty or just had your nose recently fixed, it's important to know how long you should wait before you can resume physical activity. Dr. Paul S. Nassif answers this here! VIEW NOW

A Bump on the Nose Can be Fixed With a Number of Different Techniques

Dr. Michael Vincent covers all the FAQ of rhinoplasty, including the different surgical techniques and recovery. VIEW NOW

6 Misconceptions of a Nose Job

It's likely that you've heard more than a few of these concerns while consulting friends and family about your nose job. Dr. Stephen Pincus wants to put these misconceptions to rest, once and for all! VIEW NOW

What is the Key to Getting a Natural Looking Rhinoplasty?

Ensuring a natural looking nose job begins with the discussion with your surgeon, explains Dr. Thomas Buonassisi. VIEW NOW

The Perfect Rhinoplasty: The Nose Should be Invisible

The perfect nose is different for everyone, as everyone's face is different. Dr. Lane Smith says, however, the perfect nose for everyone does have one thing in common: it's invisible. VIEW NOW

I Need a Nose Job: The Most Common Reasons Behind the Popular Surgery

Dr. Lane Smith explains the most common reasons patients have for wanting their nose altered and exactly how certain alterations can be made. VIEW NOW

If Rhinoplasty Is Such a Destructive Operation, Why Get It Done?

Dr. Steven Pearlman discusses how a rhinoplasty procedure is performed and the extra steps that modern surgeons are now taking to make sure the structure is stronger than ever before. VIEW NOW

Revision Rhinoplasty Is More Difficult Than a Primary Rhino

Dr. Steven Pearlman provides sound advice on why it is so integral to seek out an experienced revision rhinoplasty specialist. VIEW NOW