Nasal Bone + Nose Surgery

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Can a Crooked Nasal Bone Be Fixed Even when the Septum is Straight?

I suffered an injury to my nose which caused a fracture. I underwent a septoplasty to correct the septum, but the bones were left lying crooked. Now,... READ MORE

Slightly Crooked Bridge, Does A Rasping Nasal Bone Cause Scarring?

Does filing or "rasping" nasal bone at top of bridge, on one side, cause scarring or damage? How about adding cartilage to the other side? READ MORE

Both Sides of Nasal Bridge Are Achy

Is it normal for the nose to ache if the nasal bones have been broken (my surgery was 2 weeks ago)? The pain is not excruciating at all BUT I am aware... READ MORE

Nasal Surgery and Large Lump After Cast Removal? (photo)

I fractured my nose and underwent open nasal repair to straighten nose and to correct deviated septum. My nose looks more deformed now. Doctor said it... READ MORE

My nasal cartilage, upper lateral cartilage has detached from my nasal bone, is this normal? (read question details)

Can the depressor septi ligament, and constant smiling over a period of time cause the upper lateral cartilage to eventually detach from the nasal... READ MORE

Does This Morph Appear Realistic and More Harmonious?

I was wondering if my morph (right) looks more harmonious than my current nasal result (left). With the morph, I tried for conservative changes,... READ MORE

Bone moved after Osteotomy, after first nose job, and after Revision. How can I proceed if this keeps happening?

After my first nose job, one of the lateral bones moved away. I had a revision and a new osteotomy done. It looked good for one week after cast... READ MORE

Will narrowing the nasal bones cause face to look "aged?" (photos)

Someone stated that narrowing the nasal bones will cause the face to look "sunken in" more, or more aged overnight. I was planning to have this... READ MORE

Can the right-side triangle nasal bone get back in the original place after trauma?

I had been kicked in the right side of my nose the so, the right right side triangle bone had been gone inside about 1 millimeter in clear limits I... READ MORE

22, Nose bone increase. What do I do? (Photo)

I am 22 years old male.My left nose hole has been blocked reason of bone increase. I having breath problem. My 1 operation was done in 17 years age... READ MORE

Having nasal cautirization. Will my nose change shape? Could I wear my eye glasses afterwards? Also will it alter my voice?

Having the nasal cautirization due to difficulty in breathing and sinus infection mainly because allergies that cause inner enlargements READ MORE

Dropped my phone on my nasal bone 2 weeks after nose surgery on nasal bone. (Photo)

Hey, I made a correction of the nasal bone. 2 wks after the surgery, I dropped my cell phone on the side of the nose and this really hurt cus the... READ MORE

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